Sealing strips to be used for Japanese cars, the Volkswagen Why not? People understand the car to tell the truth!

VW Cars and Japanese Cars are sold in our country Is very nice Cars, these two types of Cars with all ages, have their own advantages, while in some detail has its own uniqueness. The rapid development of the Automotive industry, various types of Cars have also the emergence of new technologies and black technology, but thIs time the Japanese Car was some owners found a phenomenon. These owners find themselves buying Japanese roof has two very prominent black seal, seriously affecting the aesthetics, and the public did not find such a roof sealing strip, looks clean and beautiful. Sealing strips to be used for Japanese Cars, the Volkswagen Why not? People understand the Car to tell the truth!

The main effect of the sealing strip Is to fill the gap at the convergence of the Car, thereby waterproofing leakproof. If you do not seal it rainy day our Car Will be water, we would freeze to death in winter. So the seal Is very important. Then the above mentioned reasons, Volkswagen Why did not seal? In fact, for thIs reason, I believe there are some people know, but there are always some people do not understand, so today say it. Mainly because of two different Cars welded technology, Volkswagen Is laser welding, spot welding Is Japanese for aesthetic plus seals. Welding technology and related body strength Is not great, however, mainly for containment and aesthetic.

High precIsion laser welding, the latter need not be installed to seal the water. Such a contrast, apparent body welding Volkswagen more advanced. And compared to conventional welding, laser welding Volkswagen used more solid firm, one of the body and better quality. In fact not only Volkswagen, laser welding all advanced models are used! Of course, we can not absolutely say that Volkswagen little gap are not, but when they do not choose to deal with the seal so obvious, all with plastic closures, and finally grind welding, painting on it. Both beautiful, airtight and good.

In fact, laser welding, there are still many shortcomings. Laser welding Is only high point. It still has micropores. In the rain and moIsture, it may not be better than the combination of resIstance welding and the sealing strip. Also, the Car Is not without public seal, just to look better. In fact, it Is also polIshed the. So, ah, to judge by Automotive sealing stripOff the quality of the Car, it Is completely wrong. After all, we all know that Toyota has often sealing tape, but no one says it Is not durable. So when buying a Car they usually do not be affected by thIs place, unless you say I like thIs good-looking, that Is no way!