Scrap cars, the turning waste into treasure, not only when street use, but also transformed into a tennIs court

the Car in normal use Is a treasure, when you can not use it as scrap metal in general, especially some extent has come to scrap the Car, the room just did not save, and face many such cases, an artIst from France thinks the Car should be scrapped was such a waste, but should be turning waste into treasure, thIs Is not, and he came up with a novel idea, so then let us look at these how Cars are scrapped by hIs utilization.

Celesta Art Biennale in north-eastern France held on, he has launched an artIst from France to the people of hIs bold ideas, for example, Will become scrap Cars street, or public seating and tennIs courts, and whether these are how to achieve it? First, they said the Car lights, Is actually very simple, just place the Car in the street above the thick stick, one night, the Car lights and Car headlights Will be lit to provide illumination for dark surroundings, but there are no few people said such a vehicle or street there Is a big security rIsk.

finIshed Car lights, come to talk about public Car seats to realize thIs Is very simple, just use scrap Car Will not cut from the middle , elongate steel components, then further on a chair mounted thereon, becomes a pedestrian rest for public seating, looks very cool, and the length and number of chairs are possible dIscretion.

Finally come to talk about Cars tennIs courts, the need to use a large container trucks scrapped, just for the container tank top series of modifications, can be turned into a net stadium, but then again, do not know how many people dare to play tennIs in it does, after all, do not accidentally fall in trouble in the course of play.

These ideas come from the artIst’s brain really makes the hole open, people have to admire, I hope in the future to have more waste items can be utilized.