Say feelings guy to spend a few thousand dollars to Ford Mustang modified scIssors doors, closed the mother sitting in the car

guy to spend say feelings

to the Ford Mustang modified scIssors doors closed when the mother sitting in the Car a few thousand dollars

Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Ke Mailuo in the eyes of young people Is the moment it Is worth buying civilian Car, of course, thIs Car Is worth mentioning Is the appearance, looks absolutely great gas field, the entry-level power good, but most riders think the entry-level 2.3 T-dIsplacement engines open up quickly, dIsplacement of 5.0 Is too expensive, so most riders are bought 2.3T entry-level Mustang, but with enough power, and the price Is reasonable, for those who like sports Cars to He said they began a refit, there Is the installation of a large rear wing, some modifications scIssor doors, in short, many modified pattern, but in the end to verify the effect and unsatIsfactory

the Ford Mustang scIssor doors not long ago around a young man spent thousands modified, modified after it gives the vIsual effect Is pretty good, the Ford Mustang’s styling Is very cool with the door looked very sharp scIssors, represent ordinary guy used to seeing the door open way, Is on the whim Car fitted with scIssor doors, before the family do not oppose, so he converted, and usually drive to participate in activities where to go, after opening the screen door can imagine, interest rates must be very high, which no doubt, after all, young boys are like most modified Car, the most important Is not just the result of good-looking thIs process

Car Ford Mustang wheels Is modified, the owner bought a Ford Mustang Car represents more than 2 years, and then landing spent nearly 40 million, bought the first year can not refit, can not bear to modification, it Is nothing to fear after the , has now been modified many members, total intake system AirAid retrofitted doing, scIssor doors, the XYZ cutter teeth shock absorbers, steering wheel Carbon fiber, Carbon fiber shift paddles, 19-inch wheels, custom exhaust valve, in doing so thIs also paid for thIs Car, the owner and he learned a lot, the owner represents mostly converted fun very attractive to me, to improve the practical ability.

but later modified scIssors doors not so practical, the owner’s mother after seeing the Car so he wanted to experience the Car, the owner ofMother said: “scIssor doors though looks very nice, but the people sitting in the Car when closed Is very laborious, very difficult, may be less reason for my strength, always feel close very difficult.” Indeed in thIs way, such as the Ford Mustang Car converted a large scIssor doors do not fit, scIssor doors from the number of markets can be known, and if the scIssor doors convenient if not all of scIssors so the door!