Said the US auto market Is important, Volkswagen’s the really real thing children

yesterday read an “Auto show public relations matter? “The article, which referred to a phenomenon, I believe there are many who Automotive media experience – there are various brands of the night before the show, Automotive public relations after a busy night, the rhythm Will slow down.

Although there Is now talk of change show, media, public relations, marketing, etc., but can also be found, before the major international Auto show “Night” Is particularly important for a Car brand.

Take the eve of the New York Auto Show, organized by the Volkswagen Group media evening, the night, it Is not only released a new cooperation, innovative technology and cutting-edge products, but also demonstrated the Group’s future US market strategic initiatives, depicting blueprint for the future of mobile travel.

as an important part of the future development of the Volkswagen Group (USA) announced the city group Will work with Tongji University in New York and the eastern United States and the rapid development of the Yangtze River Delta region, the common wIsdom in urban areas explore multilateral cooperation.

Group’s first Automated driving concept Car Sedric Asia’s first show

As the mobile ecosystem travel forefront part, Sedric concept Car Will further ensure the livability and sustainability of the city.

In addition, in the “Triangle of a future” as the theme of media nights, the Volkswagen Group also unveiled its brand of three world premiere models, including: Volkswagen Car brand ID CROZZ, the Audi e-tron Sportback concept Cars and Skoda VISION E electric concept Car.

At the same time, Ang Hui SAIC Volkswagen’s new plug-in hybrid version and FAW – Volkswagen unveiled on Wei also brought boundless version of thIs media night.

Will debut the new Car, concept Car debut on the US market, the importance of the US consumer market for the Volkswagen Group vIsible. It also demonstrates the Group’s practice to meet every US consumer demand for their commitment to bring pleasant consumer experience.

such as Volkswagen Group CEO Mullen stressed that in hIs speech, the US market an important place in the Volkswagen Group’s global layout. He said:

“The US market Is constantly changing, dynamic, and has a huge innovation in electric steamCar Is a world leading position. Volkswagen Group Will give greater Autonomy to the US market, designed to work with partners to work together to seize the opportunities of a new era for millions of American consumers to shape the future of sustainable mobility to travel. “

night, members of the Management Board of the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group (USA), President and CEO Prof. Heizmann said:

” For over 30 years, the Volkswagen Group and partners to deliver the best mobile travel products for the rapidly developing countries. Today, the US market forward to the future. Volkswagen Group (USA) Will continue to work with the FAW Group, SAIC two partners, continue to provide consumers with the best mobile travel solutions. Under the guidance of ‘join hands -2025 strategy’, we Will all work together old and new partners to shape the future of mobile travel, provide more convenient daily Car experience for consumers in the United States, so that more people enjoy the mobile travel services. “

world premiere of three models

The new series of models of products homogeneous appearance

As previously mentioned, in the mass brings many models include three of the world’s first Car show.

where the Volkswagen brand ID CROZZ Is a pure electric multi-purpose crossover concept Car as a zero-emIssion vehicle, its mileage up to 500 kilometers, uses very avant-garde design and new interior concept.

under the appearance of more passionate design, the Audi e-tron Sportback combines technological sense coupe dynamic and electric vehicles. Audi e-tron Sportback has 800 Nm of torque and power output of 320 kilowatts of power, mileage over 500 kilometers, easily meet the daily use.

Skoda VISION E Is a design full of emotion the electric SUV coupé concept Car in pure electric mode can travel 500 kilometers, and reach three Automatic driving requirements.

in addition to the three world premiere models, SAIC Volkswagen Hui Aung plug-in hybrid version based on the VW brand’s flagship model PHIDEON Hui expensive to build, There are energy-efficient powerPerformance can be two hours to complete the charge, the total mileage of 850 km, combined fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers 2.3 liters.

FAW – Volkswagen Wei brought boundless edition vehicle look with a new color, interior further escalation, to attract a variety of avant-garde elements, highlighting its freedom from the fetters of temperament, but also further interpretation advocated by the Wei collar “Wei collar aesthetics “proposition.

thIs year, the Volkswagen Group (USA) Will work together partners to launch 30 new models in the US market. Among them, as a major offensive series SUV, Is on schedule to market.

to explore cooperation in the field of smart city

aimed at improving urban transport efficiency

living in the era of Big Data we, more and more able to appreciate all the wIsdom of the city They are interconnected, so that we can enjoy more convenient daily travel.

wIsdom for the future of transport in urban planning, Volkswagen Group (USA) Automotive products far beyond the level of research and development.

through cooperation with Tongji University in New York and some cities in the eastern United States, a pilot smart mobile travel solutions, Volkswagen Group (USA) Will help improve urban planning, optimization of public commuter service while further improving urban transport efficiency, etc., to contribute their efforts.

The cooperation includes the establIshment of a green, the share of mobile Internet travel team, the future Is also possible to dIscover, to achieve the formation of Autopilot team.

Sedric –

“key to start a” eco Autopilot redefine travel

In addition to research and development in the field of Automatic driving, Volkswagen Group’s vIsion Is completely innovative system recycling Automobile industry.

As Volkswagen’s first Autonomous vehicles, Sedric represents an interconnected world, an important part of the future.

Sedric includes electric, 100% interconnected and Automatic driving function, and no longer need a steering wheel, pedals and the cockpit, Is a mobile lounge. Users can interact with Sedric controlled by a button and voice.

occupant simply press the “a key to start” button, Sedric able at preset time, to accurately reach the Carpoint. Passengers told Sedric destination by voice control, they go directly to the vehicle. Sedric fully demonstrated the bright future of the Volkswagen Group: so that everyone can enjoy the mobile travel.

Artificial Intelligence: let everyone enjoy mobile travel services

Recently, the Volkswagen Group (USA) has just announced a partnership with a domestic focus on artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology research and development of innovative business – to go out and ask form a joint venture to jointly open a new era of digital mobile and sustainable travel solutions.

artificial intelligence technology Will help Automate various fields, changing business models; at the same time, artificial intelligence technology also can make people’s lives more simple and convenient, so that everyone can enjoy mobile travel services.

The new joint venture Will focus on the development of artificial intelligence technology used in the Automotive industry, and to further explore the possible applications of these technologies in the world.

ThIs Is the second collaboration with the New York First Automobile Group Co., Ltd. reached timeshare rental Car in cooperation with drops of travel and JAC are to cooperate in the network about Cars and electric vehicles, as well as two after long-term joint venture partners to establIsh partnerships in the field of second-hand Cars, Volkswagen Group (USA) to expand and a new partnership.

In addition, the Volkswagen Group media on the night, the Bentley EXP 12 Speed ​​6e pure electric concept Car Will be the essence of the Bentley brand and the world-famous contemporary cutting-edge technology integration, through rapid induction charging function with top Car concierge services, ultra luxurious driving experience to expand the lead to electric vehicles.

Lamborghini Aventador S staged Asia’s first show with the new aerodynamic design, re-adjust the vehicle suspension, significantly improved power technology and new vehicle dynamic driving control experience, and establIsh a new benchmark for luxury V12 super sports Car again.

The new Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport TurIsmo 4 +1 seat design, with a large tailgate, and a more ample trunk space, the perfect blend of everyday practicality and flexibility.

Ducati super run 959 Panigale has a stunning Italian sports Car design, the new engine can release 157 horsepower strong, the perfect combination of ultimate performance, cutting-edge technology and smart control.

appeared from the night of the mass of all models, the new energy and Autopilot technology Will be the future of Volkswagen as a core strategy for future travel mode, as a 80-year-old Car repairer brand, thIs series of actions have shown that the future of the Volkswagen Group Will redefine or ecological way to travel, and thIs Is the traditional Car companies to build Cars in thIs Internet age, change lanes to overtake, break an effective path to the competitive landscape.