Said that several car interiors ugly, watching me just say two words: indeed

Kia Sportage: Kia Car looks good, but Taiwan’s interior Is a bit take heart, a look at the materials made available times, no texture, so buy Korean Cars have be Careful, there are only fool’s nothing flashy

Ssangyong Actyon: the brand more popular, not many people know, before it Is Korean Cars, because the sales are not well, just to the United States to buy, I can find sets of Chery Cars than it Is saying, it Is good-looking than

Ford Uses Core Europe: first saw thIs interior to me the reaction Is: thIs Is really anxious designer, in the control mess, look so uncomfortable, particularly buttons, all in one piece, if by mIstake the supposed

Toyota Yat : thIs Car looks said in the past, but when eyes fell on the interior, I think few people can appreciate the move, especially the instrument panel and then ever more ugly