SAIC SAIC-Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd. referred to the public

SAIC SAIC-Volkswagen Co., Ltd. referred to the public, it Is a Sino-German joint venture. It Is a joint venture between SAIC and Volkswagen Group operating together. Now the company Is headquartered in New York Anting, and has in Nanjing, Yizheng, Urumqi, Ningbo, Changsha and other places to establIsh a production base. New York Volkswagen Is one of the largest American modern Car production base. From Deng Xiaoping said of personally instructed, officially kicked off Car joint ventures negotiations. In October 1984, U.S. and Germany held a grand joint venture contract signing ceremony in New York’s Great Hall, New York Volkswagen came into being. US Car market has become increasingly prosperous, while the competition Is increasingly fierce. Bear glorious hIstory and future dreams of New York Volkswagen, the face of new opportunities of upgrading the industrial structure, be prepared, are confidently faster, more efficient, stronger initiatives to “the pursuit of excellence” for their faith, perseverance, “the first fight forever”!