Safety seats can protect children safe! US sales of the top three brands?

In the past, the US Car users do not say child safety seats, and even sat in the back are not like wearing seat belts, although the use of habit, but their root cause and consumer safety awareness consciousness did not put up. After 2011, US sales of child safety seats began a spurt of development, annual sales increase. Domestic child safety seat market Is mainly occupied the US, UK and Germany, the three countries of the brand.

According to the survey gourd Man, in recent years, the United States child seat safety seat reputation and sales chart in the top five in the following figure:

found that well-known brands seat – safety concern of high-end luxury German CYBEX (Cybex fitness) Is firmly occupied the major safety seat single-brand ranking, also It was unanimously recommended by industry professionals and consumers. Not only Is the CYBEX (Cybex fitness), where the top three of the best child safety seat in their own characterIstics, or what stand out in a wide variety of competing products in it?

Germany Cybex fitness CYBEX

Cybex Cybex fitness company was founded in 2005 in Germany, Is a relatively young brand. Born within a few years the establIshment has continuously made the world’s top industrial design award “red dot design award”, respected by consumers.

Cybex founder MartinPos itself Is a Daddy, Daddy has been the hope for the children to create a feeling of detachment naive and parents love with baby products, therefore lifestyle theme sentiment in product design Will be integrated into the life of the product creation, in collaboration with the world’s best known designers and engineers to integrate accurate design and comfort features that make Cybex game 100 fitness safety seat Is becoming synonymous with innovative children’s products.

In addition to the design Is outstanding, Cybex on practical security also award prizes, such as the world’s most stringent ADAC child safety seat crash tests to achieve good results. Cybex designs thanks to the use of an exclusive research and development of unique LSP side impact protection system, the impact force and dIsperse the impact force could play a very good effect; fabrics used in aerospace grade fabric, the ultimate enjoyment and durable, can be provides the strongest protection at the same time ensures comfort.

UK Britax the Britax

UK Po Britax fit from 1960 began to design, manufacture and sale of Car child safety seats, on a global scale has high vIsibility and excellent sales.

In 1997, Britax Britax cooperation with Volkswagen, has developed ISOFIX, solve a lot of incorrect installation of Car safety seat. Now products of the invention become standard throughout Europe Car seat installed – at all times to ensure that each seat Is properly installed, make the road safer. In addition, the Britax Britax unique ISOFIT system designed for 2 years / 3 years old group Car seat design – and use ISOFIX child Car seat belts securely fastened. And Britax Britax ISOFIX newly developed systems, the use of a wider connector, and on top of the tear tape fixed point interaction, can limit the lateral dIsplacement, and thus enhance stability, to absorb impact forces.

Now, Britax Britax child safety seat either design or technology to other brands emerged as a significant forward-looking sex. Such as: Britax Britax developed a three-point seat belts by the use of vehicles, to ensure that children are better secured to the seat, improve the safety of children. When children sitting in the Car for a long time are held back attitude. Therefore Britax Britax designed seat can rotate 360 ​​degrees, convenient and safe two-way daily use, while also ensuring the safety of about 25kg weight or 6-year-olds.

Germany Chitty Kiddy

1966 years Chitty Kiddy was founded in Munich, Germany, with superb technology and excellent products, fast becoming Europe more than 90 percent of the Automotive supplier. In 1976, the first child safety seat Ur kiddy born. Was the beginning of 40 years of research and development production and marketing of professional safety seat work. Several of its products in the European crash tests have been for the title, shaking hIs lead.

Chitty Kiddy caught up with Big Time American child seat development. In 2008, Chitty Kiddy enter the United States, and Jason Kidd investors to set up New York Children’s Products Co., Ltd., from the north, on the wide two-thirds of the country to the cities, and achieved remarkable results. In particular, the safety of consumers get the praIse.

Chitty Kiddy child safety seat has three main features: 1 unique front body Care technology: occurs when the Car suddenly stopped, due to the inertia Is likely to cause spinal injury, kiddy unique front body Care techniques can be well protected to protect the baby’s spine, reducing the possibility of injury. Quick installation 2.15 seconds: 15 seconds fast and easy installation humanized employed, can be controlled using a general seat belt. Although simple, but because of the unique design, it can be placed in a 360-degree turn. 3. Cellular Material: shock-absorbing material used in the Boeing 747 first class, more all-round protection to protect your baby’s safety.