RV little knowledge on the classification of car models and related Features

With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, people have gradually rIse to spiritual needs. In recent years, the Car has gradually come to the public’s attention. So many people have interest in RV. Then Xiao Bian today’ll tell you about the knowledge about the Car now.

The basic concept

Car Is on the basIs of the Car for trips, vacations or entertainment to provide a temporary accommodation environment. The basic facilities then a real Car should have a home essential, such as: bedding, stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, sofas, dining tables and chairs, washing facilities, air conditioning, televIsion, audio and other furniture and appliances. Like a small mini-home, it Is a “basic necessities” in one Car. Therefore RV Is also known as the “home on wheels.”

RV mainly divided into three basic types: self-propelled Car, in trailers and mobile Home

Currently available Car mainly divided into the following nine types:

a: motorhomes: based on a complete vehicle has an engine on the chassIs, and take into account all the clever integration of transport and accommodation and conditions;

( 1) self-propelled type a RV: Is the largest one currently motorhomes volume, Is a build up through the chassIs specially designed luxury mobile home;

( 2) self-propelled Car B type: generally refers to a camping Caravan, thIs RV Is at the top of a conventional add a Caravan roof rIses.

(3) self-propelled Car, also known as C-RV MINI type, usually attached to build a Car compartment on the chassIs.

Two: in trailers: trailer RV Is required specifically to perform towing exciting vehicles Cars, vans or trucks such as, but its size and weight and consIstent in kilometers traveled demand, then thIs Car Is called in trailers. A major feature in trailers Is that it does not require a permanent connection and traction vehicles. RV trailer divided into the following types: A trailer-type, B-type, C-type, D-type

(1) A type trailer RV – Travel Trailer : refers to conventional travel trailers, which Is connected by means of a buffer or a device connected to the Car, off-roadTruck or Car as their power source.

(2) Type B Car trailer – low five-trailer: ThIs Is an RV more layer structure, and drag it to the connection via a special connecting device the truck.

(3) C-trailer Car – folding camping trailer: ThIs Is a lightweight trailer, means on both sides can be folded for easy storage and drag. It can also be referred to as a folding travel trailers, pop-trailer or tent trailer.

(4) D-trailer Car – Car hanging pickup pack: ThIs Is a small trailer, generally can be loaded onto a truck chassIs or Carriage.

The following Is mainly moved Villa. Divided into two categories: A type and B-type. Little attention, here small not to waste everyone’s time explained. Want to know, you can leave a message for small series, Will return after seeing everyone!

The following small series to you on the next, how the Car safer operation:

1, drivers must comply with traffic regulations, travel by road travel agreement.

2, in order to ensure safe, precIse in dangerous sections do not meet the technical requirements of the Car through.

3, RV passengers in the Car must be prepared in motion, symbol. Allowed to stand, hold on to a window, door and glass body, comes with the items, appliances, according to the designated safe place to place, not free to pile up.

4, RV Never open the alternator power system during travel.

5, for the first time. LIsten to the Car stereo, your service personnel operating instructions. (Generator. Shall not be used when the engine Is not working).

6, the generator power system can not be more than 8 hours continuous operation.

7, room interior emergency lights, downlights, spotlights, can debug only for decorative lamp and emergency use, can not be open for a long time.

8, when the power generator, cooker. Microwave. Bath can not be at the same time.

9, always check the working pressure gauge to ensure that the toilet cleaning system Is working properly.

10, RV must be parked in equal shares. Safe ground, and front and rear support stability.

11, fire. Security, keep the Car sanitation, ensure personal safety.

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