Run the most suitable network about cars 3 cars, one car a year to earn money!

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In recent years, the network Is very popular around the Car I have a buddy network also ran around the Car. HIs Car was Haima Hai Fuxing, although the Japanese foundation, but as a professional commercial vehicles, but still not enough resIstance to build! Usually repair small problems Will not speak during the Chinese New Year that finally could not Carry the engine blew up, for a second-hand engine, while not expensive enough but he Baipao month. I know many of my friends still have the intention to run network about Cars, if you’re just an amateur something to do that does not matter, but want full-time, then we should pay attention to the today’s article.

In fact, the Car would net about four o’clock, rugged, low fuel consumption, low maintenance costs, residual value rate.

Toyota Corolla

As of 2016, the 50th anniversary of the birthday Corolla, the Car in a total amount of 44 million sold worldwide! In fact, thIs data can prove that it’s almost the reliability. Sales models equipped with the old 1.6L engine, the advantage Is extremely Naicao, and where can repair, not expensive! Coupled with 5-speed manual transmIssion average fuel consumption of less than 6.8 liters. And thIs Car has the biggest advantage Is the high residual rate, as long as you are not operating procedures, when selling basically not lose too much money.

DIsadvantages: a lot of naturally! Appearance of the interior can not find the word evaluation, anyway, it Is a Car. HIs price Is relative to the configuration Is too low and relative to the previous Corolla, the reduction with very powerful.

Buick Excelle

First, the Car Is now suspended the sale of state, offers large, thIs Car interested friends pay close attention to see the Car test. First of all the above Buick brand awareness in the country there Is a certain advantage. I had an old Excelle 1.8 manual, quality Is very good, any repair shop can be at a very low price nurturing and maintenance. Sound insulation, especially rear seat seat comfort. Tuned suspension system Is biased soft and comfortable for operating it, then thIs Car should give you earned a lot of five-star praIse.

cash 1.5L engine Is equipped with a manual version may be tried as a gear ratio adjustment problems, and did not feel the power meat than 1.8. Since 6AT Automatic transmIssion Is Automatic so thIs Car Is recommended model can take into account household. But there Will be some increase fuel consumption at the same time, probably average about 8L. second handResidual rate too low, so we quit thIs part of the loss Will not be much.

DIsadvantages: high fuel consumption, with serious Jane, a great drop compared to the previous work.

VW Jetta

old Car God, today’s public reputation and half of all the world to play it down. In today’s highly competitive Automotive industry, most natural Jetta has lost its former dominance, but the product Is still competitive. The competition came from hIs durability, powertrain 1.4L manual power, though not strong enough, however, products are about 6L fuel consumption Is also very low.

and Volkswagen repair cost in our country has not been high, and vice plant parts are everywhere. Using the shape of the Volkswagen family mask, with high-level models look alike, thIs design in the market Is very easy way out. As for the residual value, the public Is no low too!

: Configure too low, and abnormal noIse Will always public.


Perhaps as a home you do not despIse these three Cars, but as a tool to make money, these three models are preferred. According to current network about the Car market, the above models can run a one year money back to the Car, after Car white open think Is good.

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