Run car on water, Is thIs really?

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2020 May 22, it was reported that water hydrogen engine was officially put in Nanyang city, which means that as long as the Car with water can continue to produce hydrogen, the Car can really achieve, just add water can run. Is thIs real?

Since the story of young Car into the vortex of public opinion, we are questioning youth Car Is a water to oil scam.

to explain to everybody what young Car so-called water hydrogen Cars Is how Is it? Access by water pipes, water tanks on the roof of the two water filling, the filled tank initiated by the driver drops the gas being washed in a transparent tube connected between the Cars, the fuel cell tank with hydrogen, the engine started. Automotive vital core Is hydrogen into water, and then enter the reactor hydrogen fuel to generate electricity, the drive motor and engine power.

young Car settled in Nanyang, there are at least two sides in contact years ago. November 2019. Young Car with Nanyang City, signed a cooperation framework agreement. In Automotive main battery Qingyuan hydrogen energy hydrogen engine core, in particular water-board hydrogen production. Anyang city government and youth cooperation programs Automobile that young Car project a total investment of 8.316 billion yuan, Nanyang municipal government invested 41 yuan.

Pang Qingnian Is the Chairman of the Board Youngman Automobile Group, as early as August 2019 the company announced the successful production of the first hydrogen fuel vehicles water vehicles, and the vast number of friends in the media presentation how, as long as there Is water, there Will be able to run the Car. Pang said the young water hydrogen fuel vehicles biggest secret Is a special catalyst, in the role of such a catalyst to convert water into hydrogen, and ultimately the Car. The longest mileage of 1000 km.

for young Car encountered a demand for funds, Everbright Financial Holding Capital Finance Ltd. was establIshed 5 billion fund to support the development of new energy vehicles. 50 billion fund to support a concept Car. Pang youth in high-profile announcement produced the world’s first stationWater hydrogen fuel Car that day, also announced on the spot to get the support of 5 billion yuan fund.

from August 2019. Youngman Pang young president announced to create the first hydrogen Cars water has been a full two years. But the company’s dIsclosure of information point of view, there has never been a water-hydrogen fuel vehicle delivery information.

In fact, we are considering water hydrogen fuel vehicles Is not a violation of the law of conservation of mass physics. Many physical violation of the law of conservation of mass, such as we talked about the fact there have been perpetual motion machine in hIstory. But all hIstory was falsified. Young Car in the end can not really manufacture water hydrogen Cars, let us wait and see. Everbright Financial Holding Capital Finance Ltd. Is really dIscerning, or interested in the story let us wait and see.

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