Road coffee Comment: deny the sale of Lamborghini, Volkswagen now how weak?

introduced a wide range of network dIscussed in “public its intention to sell or IPO Lamborghini,” the rumors, has basically come to an end. Recently, the Volkswagen Group at September 13, said the company currently has no plans to sell its super luxury brand Lamborghini, nor the relevant lIsting. A few days, foreign media have reported that the public official before the News was announced, the German Carmaker Is considering stripping the above-mentioned business units.

with denial but suspected the sale has repeatedly

Foreign media reports, the Volkswagen Group seeking to sell or let Lamborghini IPO the main reason the market Is that the Volkswagen Group seeking to focus on its core brand, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and to improve efficiency and reduce the overall modular further promote the company’s duplication of effort. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Group to seek further enhance their enterprIse value, the current market value of the Volkswagen Group Is about $ 89 billion (81 billion euros), while the forward-looking strategy Is likely to make the company’s valuation of 2.5 times increase, effective its market capitalization increased to $ 220 billion.

so under the Volkswagen Group Will have more capital and resources, to better and efficient to face the fierce competition of the global Automotive market environment.

Today, the Volkswagen Group has been the official rumor said it plans to sell and there Is no separate lIsting or IPO Lamborghini. However, such rumors, reports in recent years of the Volkswagen Group, not accidental, it Is not for the first time.

2015, Volkswagen exhaust false door in the global outbreak, suffered heavy fines at the same time, sales in the world and more markets have been further affected, and even affect Europe region changed their Car development needs. Clean diesel technology Is closely related to exhaust the door Is no longer the main trends, but more towards electrification.

also from 2015, the Volkswagen Group repeatedly summoned to consider the News to sell its brand, well-known Ducati brand thin final step Will be sold.

2016 In June, Volkswagen Group’s brands asset assessment, consider the possibility of the sale of non-core assets, including Ducati motorcycle, MAN turbocharged engine, diesel engine business and RENK Group;

April 2019, Volkswagen Is considering selling brand Ducati entered a substantive stage, and has been communicating with potential buyers; December 2019, the media exposed the Volkswagen Group sold Ducati brand plans stalled;

2019, Volkswagen’s new CEO said the Volkswagen Group Is still considering the sale of some non-core businesses, such as some of the less profitable brands, once again mention Du Cady and other brands, even in the loss of the edge of MAN, Scania commercial vehicle business.

Furthermore eyes, or let the public consider selling Lamborghini IPO market rumors, in thIs back and forth, in accordance with Volkswagen’s consIstent performance, was really interesting.

After all, thIs reputation in the US Auto market has been identified as honest business, many times there have been outrageous act.

2015 outbreak of mass exhaust door false door, not the first, as early as July 23, 1973, EPA had accused the public in 1974, the Car models installed cheating device. Temperature sensing switch Car pollution control system turns off when the temperature drops. Volkswagen subsequently acknowledged that its 1973 models also installed the device. The final public to pay $ 1.2 million in fines.

Is not a public impression of the public

has been in the United States in the eyes of consumers, the general public Is a quality, high-level symbol, has a solid fans. And the move with the prevailing hIstorical developments are not unrelated, that time the public Is facing large penalties in the US market, have to consider the market, PASSAT B2 (New York Volkswagen Santana) production line moved to the United States and production, but also left a boutique the title.

and in front of the public with the impression that both the quality of senior Volkswagen, already different, more focus on profitability rather than new technology innovation, creating a better Car.

of the four restructuring needs US Auto market: intelligent, network-linking technology, new energy technology, sharing, driven by the global Automotive market Is constantly new restructuring, and the public the four levels today and was not able to come up with persuasive results.

intelligent, network-linked levels: public MIB current system to the new packaging more traditional function-based, relying on more intelligent connect your smartphone achieve, and Audi’s MMI system, compared to iDrive 7.0 BMW, Mercedes-Benz MBUX systems, the Internet, ecological and application aspects of the localization of landing the United States, has been mIssing. (BMW and head BBA and other companies almost all have in-depth cooperation with Google Benz, Ali depth cooperation)

New energy of levels: global brand Is now quite at the level of new energy vehicles achievements of the company Is to have high sales in Europe, NIssan, luxury brands BMW and rIsing star a dIstinct advantage Tesla. For Volkswagen, the new energy now it’s more force Is quite strong in the independence of Porsche who, in its bulk business Volkswagen, Audi brands, and in my mileage, Car rules-chip and system level, contrast the industry Is not prominent.

Written in the last:

Overall, Volkswagen thIs monster, and now Is facing many challenges under the new era. Constantly seek to enhance profits, constantly seeking more efficient manufacturing and research and development, constantly seeking more technical reserves, in front of the public faced with many new technical shortcomings in the technical level, but certainly more than the need for more capital investment .

No doubt, Volkswagen’s brand Is likely to continue in the future there Is still much to be considered to be redefined in many modes, story between Lamborghini and Volkswagen now, more of a sample in the interpretation of a lot of content on Volkswagen deep.