Ring wear over station 50 Yangtze heartland “classic cars” departure from Fengxian – Regional Channel – LONDON

LONDON Reporter Xi Liang September 20 reports: Today, 2020 World Open in a vintage Car Yangtze River Delta Arts Center Jiukeshu next start Fengxian DIstrict, next week, from 18 countries and regions, more than 50 Taiwan classic competition vehicles Will ring through the Yangtze River Delta heartland, via Jiangsu Wuxi, eastern Taiwan, Changzhou, Nanjing, Anhui and Zhejiang Anji country, culminating in the September 26 return to Fengxian.

2020 World Open vintage Car Yangtze River Delta Is supporting activities New York TourIsm Festival, vintage Car traveling route selected major national highways, and some high-speed sections, participants are required to have a driver, a navigator each, during the competition prohibit the use of GPS and other electronic navigation equipment.

According to the Reporter, in accordance with international practice, with a vintage Car race Is generally not for the purpose of racing, but in control principle, to show grace and tourIsm humanities experience as the core, usually traveling between the international travel and cultural value of the city, the average speed Is often not more than 60 km / h.

It Is reported that the tournament Is divided to the stage when the stage, shortcut control, timing stage, the organizing committee Will daily performance statIstics, calculated vehicle integration, and on the next day before the day before departure publIsh scores and rankings. Eventually all vehicles arrived in New York Fengxian, summarizing the final results and ranking vehicle exhaust, and paid the Organizing Committee officials announced on closing ceremony of the Car.

shortly before the 2020 World Motocross Championships came to an end in Fengxian, exciting off-road motorcycle still remember, after one week, “vintage Car “appeared in the Fengxian streets. Continued to import more international tournaments, so Fengxian people hooked. And to sports and leIsure industry as the driving force for development, integration of ecology, tourIsm, culture, health Care and other resources, Fengxian DIstrict, and gradually form a unique “sport +” development path, and then become another beautiful sports FTA new film area The new culture “business Card.”

At present, New York Is speeding up construction of the international sporting event of all, in the context of “regional integration in the Yangtze River Delta Development Plan” Issued, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Anhui Is also activelyExploring new models to drive the local economic and social development through the introduction of world-class sporting and cultural events. ThIs event linkage across the Yangtze River Delta, Yangtze River Delta also allows the public to enjoy sports tourIsm, global tourIsm development results, providing strong motivation and strong support for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

It Is worth mentioning that thIs event Will be held “international vintage Car Pierre Exhibition” “New York Impression New York Automotive Industry Retrospective”, “elegant vintage Car race in the world” ” vintage Car encounter beauty of the Orient “makeup show and a number of sub-activities, over the same period Will also Carry out” readily take it, taste ‘fresh’ Yangtze River Delta “photo contest, with a freeze-frame photography vintage Car 2020 World Open, the Yangtze River Delta moments.