Return of the King, the BMW X5 M 4.4T + V8 engine with 600 horsepower burst, even the screws are imported

for the share Issue Is “Return of the King, the BMW X5 M 4.4T + V8 engine with 600 horsepower burst, even the screws are imported! “

Is well known, Is a high performance BMW X5 M SUV” originator. ” In particular 4.4T + V8 600 hp engine explosion, eyes, thIs guy Is the latest generation, look at the “face” performance beast no doubt. Before the three-stage M surrounded by double vertical bar grille net to bring the vIsual impact, non-ordinary X5 M sports suit can not match. Exaggerated shapes not only to serve the vIsual effects, but also lead to greater wind hit the area, while the left side of the front air intake surrounds hidden behind an additional cooling system, running track Is also basically no worries.

saw the light touch of blue in the chamber yet? That Is the irradiation dIstance up to 500 meters of the laser beam, the new BMW X5M standard configuration. BMW X 5M with the ordinary version 5 when compared. Three-dimensional size and wheelbase have nuances, details and decorative wheel rings of different. “Duct” size of the front fender of the more eye-catching than the average X5 but the effect Is the same, it Is decorated top with status symbols. Rear undoubtedly the most recognizable bilateral co plus four rows and four projections surrounded by M embellIshment spoiler actuator, and it Is common to get the soup BMW X5, Is almost impossible.

came to the Car completely for a pair of world light-colored interior home too, and if you look closely, thIs Is common X5, but thIs all illusion, character M Powere of fact, in many places to show. X5M not used “when the crystal rod, but the frictional force stronger leather material, compact size, more flexible to operate

Dynamic aspects:. 4.4L of twin-turbo engine, maximum power: 600 horsepower (441 kilowatts), maximum torque: 750 Nm even the screws are imported, do not be intimidated by the 600-horsepower, everyday driving X5 M very gentle, even if you have. one pair of feet organ. in EFFICIENTZ mode, the early part of the throttle sufficiently high tolerance, Is suitable drivers of all ages.

Is thIs the 600 hp M models? When you begin to swell hang SPORT mode. I do not know the depth of knowledge of both the moment throttle regret moment. It Will take you quite severely you press on the seat, but the whole body of the pores open Is easy. When it comes to the track, in the SPORT + mode power Bio has room for play. Caught in the eight cylinders of two turbine to make maximum torque of 750Nm but you come to feel its “presence” Will lose “type front suspension in a steady stream of power among: double-wIshbone independent suspension the rear suspension type: four-wheel drive multi-link independent suspension forms: four-wheel drive timely limited slip differential, the limited slip differential rear axle

it, “such as moving from rabbits skills” do not go to the track, only need to change a single line tube, you can appreciate. sensitive to that extent incompatible with the size and sitting position even let you begin to doubt life. thIs fun never met, but let you hit it off. enough precIse steering response and very fast front damping if not in SPORT + mode can be acceptable, but the steering system driving some sense of lack ー communication can not be perceived to the front axle grip state, lack of confidence in the ultimate driving.

even deliberately slow down on the ramp, X5 M’s performance Is still robust, it Is not slipping phenomenon. power in Singapore the same output lane silky ribbon .X5 M steep drop with a family of other models Induced between 3km / h-30km / h downhill speed arbitrarily selected, the whole process Is very robust body posture

Conclusion: The total , the BMW X5 M 4.4T + V8 engine with 600 horsepower burst, even the screws are imported can say Is the real return of the king, advantages:! power linear and strong, excellent chassIs control, excellent cooling performance Cons: turning the system lacks road feel. of course we feel worth 1.43 million BMW X5 M worthy of thIs position do? Leave a comment below comments