Respect thIs hIstory Hongqi CA773 repair Documentary (1)

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a red flag for me, Is the Chinese side holding up the banner fluttering in the Car business, it Carries Chinese people peak early independent repairer process. In 1959, the “big red flag” has become the best gift the 10th anniversary of the founding of our country and Is a landmark product, its significance has long been not just a Car brand that simple. Looking back now, it still exudes a solemn feeling. Cultural Center in Dalian classic Car restoration the corner that Taiwan CA773, the same Is true ……

Today we look, the red Car that period, the overall process excellence does not really how, 80 years after the brand basically struggling in the rough. But the “big red flag” era, they indeed represent the highest level of the American people’s Car, creating a sense of luxury from the appearance of momentum and the inherent contrast, the red flag Is absolutely unique!

In 1958, in preparation for the tenth anniversary of the founding ceremony, central to the First Automobile Works gave the order to manufacture limousine. They build according to the style of the Chrysler Imperial CA72 models, self-developed V8 engine have also gone through a number of experimental systems.

In 1965, the “big red flag” for the first time faced with the overall improvement of the appearance of the vehicle interior overhaul, the code also changed its name to CA770. Currently in the field of old Car collection, the most common of all the “big red flag” Is thIs model, ownership Is relatively high.

As the most well-known “big red flag”, CA770 total production of more than 1,300 units. In 1967, the short-axIs double-cab version of the CA771 been developed, with different front and rear doors CA770 style, with a cIs-door design, produced only 129 units.

In order to serve the political leaders, FAW CA770 designer on the basIs of the above Is also playingCreate excessive vehicle weight of up to armored bulletproof version of –CA772 6t, there are Car collections in the museum Changchun FAW.

For the final production of the “big red flag” CA773, its situation had begun undergoing some changes up. Born during the Cultural Revolution it eventually produced only 291 units. The front of thIs CA773 Is the Korean industry’s first extensive personal collection of “big red flag”, meaning extraordinary.

Dalian classic Car Cultural Center founder Han Yeh-kwong of these sets CA773 mostly last batch of Cars from the Cultural Revolution. The image above thIs has gone through nearly a year of restoration. And thIs Is below the “big red flag” last large-scale production of a Car. Here, unrepaired thIs red flag can be said CA773 repair process alignment models to it as a reference. Next, we’ll adopt it, take a chat CA773, as well as the “big red flag” of repair work.

CA773 Is the brand to the last generation before the decline of the “big red flag.” It CA770 uses the same three rows of seats design, eliminating the baffle between the front and rear compartments, vehicle length Is reduced by about 40cm, but in reality the purpose of doing so Is to focus on fuel economy.

But in fact, located in the short-run three-row luxury sedan CA773 weight Is still up to 2.5t, fuel-saving features in the developed and the effect Is It does not matter how significant. But it was thought to affect the already fuel-efficient high-profile leadership Car, or explain some problems.

placed to enjoy today, “big red flag,” the United States Is still untold. US Car suffered multiple elements embellIshment Is its most beautiful place, serious and solemn design Is a contemporaneous any Car can not be compared.

Because of the community’s voice heard, and the production capacity Is limited, the last generation of large-scale production of “red flag” –CA773 would only create 291 units . From the nameplate you can clearly see that thIs Car Is one of the last one, has a hIstoric significance.

the last generation of big red flag –CA773

To be honest, thIs Is my first contact with old red Car, also my first time to open the “big red flag” of the door, Is the first witness of repair work back red models. When these three “first” when brought together, it Will naturally have a trace of awe. However, no honorable person or thing can not jump off the aging of “torture”, which several CA773 Is, they need to Carefully restored to most hale and hearty spirit of the year, to return to public view. Which it Is the cultural center of Dalian classic Car restorer who has always insIsted on doing.

to repair a red flag, than plain old Car repair more time consuming. Huge body, the appearance of the difficulties many pieces embellIshed elements of the United States are repairing about. Before dIsmantling the vehicle repair, Korean industry wide reference to a wealth of information, preparatory work done.

inside the headlamp shade fence-like structure, after long years of corrosion deposited tarnIshed. By the need to use water to clean after repair masters dry before loading, so as not to rust again.

“chopped” about 40cm, mainly in the interior cabin space and the luggage compartment

CA773 compared to CA770. Today CA773 vehicle body frame thIs repair, sheet metal has been basically completed, the main work has focused on the primed leveling several grinding stage.

thIs red vehicle repair so far has been a year. “? Many people Will ask Why so long to repair thIs Car Is like thIs now,” Han Yeh-kwong, he said: “In fact, we’ve done a lot of their work Is so time-consuming for the final loading brings out the best in the state . just thIs Car body repair sheet metal framework spent half a year. “

of course, for the renovation of the periphery of the body trim are also compared to other Car repair up to be more cumbersome. Not as many parts as civilian models, just looking for accessories Will take a long time, but also multiple sheet metal and body assemblyTo achieve a reasonable degree of matching.

such as red model has a US characterIstic elements of “lanterns” taillights, after decades of wind and rain, wear, repair them Is definitely not wipe that simple.

After the end of basic body sheet metal work, the need for metal surfaces epoxy paint spraying process, so that the entire metal body to be protected, to avoid oxidation corrosion of the late harm. After that, start doing in the primed work.

gray Car body part Is what we called primer. After the initial priming cover Is completed, the entire finIsh smoother than before, the naked eye can clearly see uneven place, which Is the basIs of the entire grinding work began.

Subsequently, the vehicle body can be restorer for leveling the uneven working position, where the recess may be on the fill Putty (yellow), and Is what we called “putty”, the partially deployed from the rough to polIshed work.

grinding dIsc sanding machine here as well as you a brief introduction. Its basic structure Is similar to our household cleaner, but at the top of a straw fitted with sandpaper grinding installation dIsk.

in the grinding process, the sandpaper Is a luxurious choice. For quick leveling the beginning, teachers need to fix the unit Is put on sandpaper P320 (average particle diameter of 46.2), and then slowly transition to P1000 (average particle diameter 18.3), from coarse to fine.

It Is said that, in such a primed substantially the grinding process to be performed 3 to 4 times, the main purpose Is to ensure that the entire vehicle body paint in the future when the flatness and smoothness of the varnIsh. Multiple primer paint such that the flow Will increase the thickness of the vehicle, which Is inevitable.

In the grinding process and primed

While the structure of the vehicle body, a sheet metal repair, primer spraying process, the rest of thIs red CA773Repair work Is also an orderly manner. Including rebuilding the chassIs, power system debugging, inside and outside parts of the renovation redo, repair can be said that every teacher in the classic Car culture center in Dalian Will have mobilized.

inside the rear wheel arch, we still can clearly see that year FAW factory worker with paint brush marks, Han Yeh-kwong intends to thIs non-modern way to do repairer retention, thIs red flag to show the original taste.

because the body design of the 60s of last century tended to founder, along the “big red flag” of the windows are fabricated out of the lead with a body-color rain trough, where the sheet metal grinding work and repair masters also not ignored.

Han Yeh-kwong, said, “big red flag” the most beautiful Is its interior. CA770 from the start, single-handedly penned by the FAW of the young designer Guyan Liang internal and external design, wood materials, cloth interior dotted throughout the basic models, Will now repair work Is full of challenges.

wood, metal chrome, in the hIstory of American Car brands, only red flag of the interior in order to achieve such a degree of luxury. The restoration of these panels need to find the same timber cutting shaping, before the success experienced several failed experiences.

It Is in thIs CA773 repair interior. Plate and each piece should be the size of the original interior remains the same, so as to ensure an accurate match late loading.

in my hand thIs instrumentation Is taken from thIs Hongqi CA773, Is then prepared by the Harbin Electrical Instrument Factory. Today, the well-preserved piece of old red instrument has been worth 20,000 yuan, the basic thing Is broken very difficult to recover.

From the view of the internal structure, CA773 CA770 canceled before kicker between the rear compartment. Although the internal appear to be more transparent, but the passenger room because of the reduced wheelbase and has been seriously affected.

In thIs Car Is not dIsassembled, we can see that in the case where the second row of seats Is folded open, the third row leg room Is very limited. In addition, cloth seats and curtains are all that’s like the American leadership elements, these need to restore.

decades of use, resulting in rotting inside seats, Will replace all of them certainly can not be avoided. Dalian classic custom Car culture center with the same raw material wood seat, which Will be gradually assembled to late.

In order to restore the original style, as much as possible to repair the masters after the dIsmantling of the damaged seat upholstery fabrics were sampled and found the closest original Car lines of cloth, try to keep the original Car above materials, style, technology, designed to show the beauty of the American tradition.

and interior restoration as “not take any shortcuts” approach, beginning thIs CA773 engine repair also invited the FAW year guidance of technicians . Respect for hIstory, in full accordance with the drawings that year, the means to “mIss every screws” to repair.

independently developed by thIs 5.7L V8 engine, can burst out in the year 164kW (220Ps) maximum power and maximum torque of 412Nm. In order to promote the body weight of 2.5t naturally it Will not fuel-efficient, but I very much hope that in the future thIs Hongqi CA773 repair perfect run up and look again.

respect for the hIstory, thIs Is a red flag CA773 repair work in mind. Of course, I want to go to fulfill the words that you need to repair their divIsion devoted ingenuity. Each sheet metal, each screw should respect the way the year, thIs “national Car” repair work deserves to be recorded.

Comments: thIs year, the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, it Is our pleasure to see a same period, representing early American Automotive Career pinnacle results in the models be remembered. Next time, love Card Will jointly Dalian classic Car culture center, as we continue to report the rebirth of thIs old red ……

the most beautiful interiors have to respect hIstory