Representatives of fashion trends, Ford Mustang wonderful appreciation of high-definition big picture, to see it

console Is simple and elegant, looking uncomfortable. In the control panel design Is full of sense of technology. On the whole Is on the grade, science and technology Is relatively strong. Simple but not simple, seamless design, I am most satIsfied in its class.

The headlight design Is good, very good overall shape of the lights are nice. Favorite Is the appearance. It was quite beautiful.

especially graceful lines, without any flaws. It looks very luxurious, domineering. Daytime running lights beautiful. The appearance of a people Is amazing feeling.

tail shape Is also super stylIsh and elegant, the overall look Is very mellow mellow ass. Tail design Is very layered, very prominent lines, lights look great shape. With a perfect side Yan, people looked at heart.

in the front row, then it Is quite good, more comfortable seat. Is not at liberty legs shaking, people feel very humbled. Very good seat comfort, seats are leather-wrapped, moderate hardness, having a good supporting force,

from the rear side of view, relative to the Car He said the line Is quite mellow. Sideways design looks good, pulled up the line from front to back, sideways improve the vIsual effect, the shape of the window Is also very beautiful, aesthetic point of view Is more suitable for young people now.