Replacement of automobile repair parts, there are three old parts we do not forget to take away, even broken too valuable

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Auto repair parts, there are three old parts we do not forget to take away, even if broken can worthless

The industry now has developed very rapidly, and now inside the Car also makes a lot of families are able to afford it, because now lower than the market price of the Car, so that consumers have the ability to afford a Car of their own at thIs time, but also have more choices but we all know that Ma Wen went after the owners feel easy to buy a Car, so that the latter part of Asia are very difficult, there are many owners Care about, just after the repair of the vehicle can not run normally, very little focus on those replacement down parts, there are actually down after the replacement of some parts, there are some old parts Is very valuable, so today I want to bring you articles that talk about with you, what are these old parts, Auto repair when there are three parts to replace old parts, we do not forget to take away, even broken too valuable, we look at it.

The first Is a Car battery. Battery Is a very important part of the Car, if not him, then the difference can not contact, I have no way to operate, thIs TV Is very fragile, if the owner Is not properly maintained, Will it damage, the use of the process there Will be power loss or waste of fuel consumption and so could not beat these problems, when if you encounter these problems, many people Will think that for one area of ​​the battery replacement Used batteries, we do not make it not only trade, but also dIscount can sell two or three hundred dollars Is not the problem.

The second three-way catalyst. TWC Is a very complex Automotive parts, Automotive catalytic converters, if driving when a failure occurs, we can clearly feel the force of the acceleration of the Car, in the Car the whole Car Is the last row among the most important purification devices, so that thIs thing against tap water Is also essential parts, because there Will be some precious metals can be recycled, but recycling prices are more expensive, so that after thIs if we replace the old parts we understand thIs Do not forget to take.

The third Is a used tire rims. As the only people on board and a ground contact parts, so that often easily broken in the usual travel time, if it Is subject to wear, then, to a certain extent would have to replace it, there Is just another bump, then it Will affect the appearance , so that many people have seen the wheels bump or wear, it would direct a change, in fact, the old wheels can be sold for hundreds of dollars, and thIs Is what can be recycled for reuse, if there’s It was also knocked a steel ring can be repaired, so that if we replace the tires to Car tires, then the tire Will also be a dIscount.

So that’s what I bring you today’s article, after you read thIs article, Is not to replace him on several of these original Cars old original parts Is also possible dIscount deal, so after Car repair at home when we must pay a lot of attention at