Repairer of the new forces are not the same owners more rights of self-built official website Xiaopeng car too much

Steam potential Auto-First | Shen Fantasy “We are all young people to fully understand the product iterations are also welcome, but the ‘fraud’ Xiaopeng Car but can not make people tolerate.” a Xiaopeng G3 owners frustration.

According to Auto-First understand the potential of steam, when the Car owners, Car sales induced Xiaopeng, then surgery Is mentioned in several key messages: first before June 25 buying a Car, or facing significant price increases; secondly there Will be no new products recently, he did not mention the high life plan.

However, after 20 days to mention Cars, Car Xiaopeng on the release of 2020 models Xiaopeng G3. New Cars have a longer life, NEDC upgrade from 365 kilometers to 520 kilometers. Meanwhile, there are Car better hardware configuration, such as greater optimizing new braking system, more optimized chassIs price, and the like leather seats. But the price point of view, thIs cost advantage G3 520 Is much larger than the old models.

as pay out real money to support the repairer of the new forces of Car owners, “trust” the word Is more important to them. By thIs time they were paid only feel “IQ tax”, Is treated as a “mouse” was “cut chives”, but Issued a “Friends of Peng talk about feelings with Xiaopeng, Xiao-Peng Peng to try to fool friends” sound .

Although Xiaopeng Motors Chairman Xiaopeng has been Issued an apology, an explanation of the Issue price of the new Car, said, “ThIs Is certainly a mIsunderstanding” and promIsed from now, three years when within a model by any redemption Xiaopeng Car, on the basIs of all new Cars to be purchased to enjoy the promotional rights on an additional 10,000 yuan to enjoy the exclusive rights of the subsidy, but the old owners did not buy it.

Because Xiaopeng satIsfied with the response given, some Car owners from New York, New York and New York and other places of frustration on the road to human rights activIsts.

The most common means of protection from the point of view, than playing phone manufacturers 400 complaints related sites, Bureau of Quality SupervIsion, Car endoplasmic reticulum and Car complaints network, etc., in the face of complaint, It can only be posted in major Car and other Car home forum, pulling banners, processions and other more radical activIst behavior.

As the new owners repairer forces, more likely to be new thinking with new ideas Internet workers, entrepreneurs and other groups. ThIs type of younger age groups to face Xiaopeng Car “delete posts” under pressure from action, can only choose to build their rights channels.

As a result, July 13, a “Friends of Peng Car Xiaopeng rights official website” link in the Car’s activIst group Xiaopeng, (http : thIs Xiaopeng made by the owners of the rights to establIsh their own websites have // mold a kind of mold, not only have rights News, community rights, rights picture three plates, also establIshed a focus map location. Many users commented: “not afraid of the owners of rights, rights owners fear culture.”

In fact, users are also portraits Xiaopeng Cars are basically educated high, the courage to try new things, high income and young people engaged in Internet-related work. From time Xiaopeng Car still in beta, and its position Is “young people”, and to the helm after Xiaopeng Xiaopeng real Car, “the young Internet users,” such a position would become more clear.

and He Xiaopeng himself, as the man was being simultaneously phase and Ma Lei Jun, already left in the minds of many people “entrepreneurial idol,” which words do not startle their attitudes attracted a lot of attention, for example, he once said, “the core of the smart Car in the operation, not in manufacturing” These people seem not in the traditional Automotive incomprehensible speech, but the outbreak of the incident, seems to have let hIs remark pops beat hIs face.

For Xiaopeng one Car event, the industry has called “fast iterative” should be a great sign of new energy vehicles. But it seems Auto-First Steam potential than rapid iteration upgrade their technical and operational capabilities of the enterprIse Is more important to be mature. Especially for weak repairer new forces, how good customer service Is the top priority.

In fact, as a new force in the repairerAlways in love with the Car Xiaopeng Wei to kill one of CP– Car, in the face of a variety of sounds owners showed a different way to deal with.

Take the challenge facing the user and Tucao, the Wei to suppress the Car not only never delete posts, also Wei to the APP has establIshed exclusive Tucao sector, also introduced elections “hard core Tucao Man” campaign. Considering all Daren / interactive activity, contribution, and regional influence-day mIssion in the community for various cities, elected valuable Tucao. In thIs process, the Wei to the Car not only to collect useful feedback, but also to establIsh their own cultural circle of users.

In fact, the mobile Internet era, the real change in the Automotive industry should be a relationship between the user and Car prices, Car buying different brands of people, has also been different cultural circles. In thIs respect, it can be said Wei to be in the service system repairer most radical new company, it can be said Wei to have been more than just a Car company, its core business model innovation Is to build user communities.

user expectations and enjoy the ability to make Cars fast iteration of the new forces, in order to “survive” and running all the way repairer new forces, but also the largest investment of financial resources and energy research and development to upgrade. But no matter the price or the introduction of new, old and damaged necessarily mean that the interests of users. For any one repairer of the new forces, which seem to be a problem it can not be reconciled.

by the owners to protect their rights, Xiaopeng not difficult to see Cars in circles to create a user and user communication aspects of culture, there Is still much room for improvement. For just lost to Li Bin in “Wei to 10000” gamble Xiaopeng, the situation of the industry’s own estimates and growth of enterprIses, apparently had a deviation from the real situation, Xiaopeng Car need to re-accelerate.

In fact, the problem Xiaopeng Car, apparently not the iterative upgrade, but for consumers upgrading to hide “fraud.”

but it seems that there are fundamental Car Xiaopeng aware of the problem, apologized Xiaopeng fourth day in The Gate shopping center in an obscure corner, also placed a 2020 small sectionPeng G3 show Car, if not a potential vapor Auto-First ask the sales staff Is not too new lIsting has been revealed. When asked Why the older models still in the promotion, sales staff, at present has the advantage of buying older Cars can stand Martinique, at least to the end of August the new and old models still have 150 million offer ……

In addition, the old owners also raIsed the following question.

The first Is on subsidies: the old owners suspect in terms of the King signed the purchase contract, the agreement Is not allowed to sell Cars within two years, otherwIse the company Will pay Fu Xiaopeng 7 more than government subsidies. He Xiaopeng’s statement in the old trap user Is ten thousand yuan(CNY) compensation, if within two years of selling Cars in the new extrusion 520, 365 models estimated market price of 8 yuan, but also paid Xiaopeng put the Car on behalf of 70,000 …… less than a month, it Is necessary because of a loss of 160,000 yuan whole statement. Based on the above two, there Is good reason to suspect that the company deliberately conceal Xiaopeng release plan, a malicious user guide Is Car purchase subsidy cheat up behavior.

followed with regard to quality: the old section of the actual delivery time more than two months after another on a variety of problems, such as brakes not brake, it can easily lead to rear-end collIsion rIsks; Autohold malfunction, high-speed switching P position themselves suddenly stall (a serious security rIsk, some Car owners have been notified of the upgrade P position); abnormal sound steering wheel and the vehicle computer crashes, etc., everything Xiaopeng company neither solve and now it Is said to be normal, but in the new 520 highlighted enhance and improve these areas.

Each iteration requires a number of rapid technology upgrades and consumers pay, but on thIs to protect their rights, Is not a simple problem of excessive iterative upgrade, but once ” CrIsIs of Confidence”. For Xiaopeng Car, how to appease the old owners, and to put an end to “fraudulent sales” in the future development Is the top priority.