Regardless of the area, and across the country from July 1 “forbidden” country five cars

both Jinshanyinshan, also lies to; to stimulate both automobile, but also eliminated inferior.

In fact, last year July 1 country six emission policies have been released, but wound up only for part of the densely populated city, are not allowed on the card is required to give leeway car prices and consumers are great.

July 1 this year, will usher in five emitters “one size fits all”, there is no room, no gaps.

four ministries jointly issued a bulletin on the implementation of emission standards for light-duty vehicles.

From 2020 July 1 start nationwide implementation of six national emissions standards, banning the production countries V emission vehicles, including both imported vehicles must meet the Six Nations.

distinction is clear that last year was part of the city is prohibited country five vehicles on the card, and this year is the country’s five vehicle manufacturers nationwide ban.

In view of possible auto market downturn, stimulate consumption still need to pick up, the policy still leaves grace period.

1. For its 2020 July 1 production (vehicle certificate upload date) of the country five cars, an increase of six-month transition period sales. Area

2. Not yet in their country six emission standards, in January 2021 before 1 May, the country still allow the sale and registration of five vehicles (production is not allowed).

From the announcement of view, the country does not allow producers of five cars, is actually an ultimatum, excessive buffering condition is to allow OEMs to digest inventory of the country five cars.

in the light vehicle emission standards, our country is undoubtedly at the forefront of the world, which will improve the visual environment, but will also stimulate OEMs to adjust the proportion of new energy vehicles.