Redefining automotive software, Huawei Tesla who Is the final winner?

software Will account for 90% of future Automotive innovation.

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“. Third-rate companies sell labor, second-rate companies to sell products, first-class companies to sell technology, super-class companies sell standard” from the industry has long been popular phrase goes, not difficult to see the importance of Automotive software standards. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Deas even believe that software Will account for 90% of future Automotive innovation.

in the “software-defined Car” Today, the Automotive software standards become new heights Automotive industry technology.

Automotive software industry veteran practitioners Jiang Ran to tell the future of Automotive Daily (ID: Auto-time), in order to make Cars like smart phones unified operating system, AUTOSAR-board software system gradually It Is recognized by the industry. “In the mobile phone industry, the development of Google Android system did not sell standard, but in the Automotive industry, the development of AUTOSAR selling German standard sold in full swing, a set of standards on Automotive software ten million.”

thIs strong association of Automotive suppliers software system sit tight “iron throne,” but turbulent “new four modernizations” tide of Automotive software industry set off a new revolution.

Huawei as the representative of the new parts suppliers secretly force, Tesla and repairer of new species trying to software standards initiative in their hands. When AUTOSAR status loose, who Will become the ultimate winner?

“the strongest software” status shaken

the complexity of a smart Car software system, mobile phones and computers Is far from comparable.

According to the electronic design Automation company Synopsys (Synopsys) statIstics, Android smart phone system code Is about 13 million lines of computer operating system Windows VIsta Is 50 million lines, while the amount of code of a high-end Car up to one billion rows. Semiconductor NXP forecast, 2015-2025, the Automotive amount of code Is expected to grow exponentially, its compound annual growth rate of about 21%.

Source: Tianfeng Securities Institute of Cartography: Future

a global Automotive supplier Delphi predicted that the future of Automotive safety, communications, and entertainment class detection software complexity respectively raIsed to 2020 4-fold, 3-fold, 1.5-fold and 3-fold.

Code number and complexity of continuous improvement, a test of technology accumulation and innovation power of vehicle manufacturers.

In February thIs year, the Volkswagen Group’s first pure electric MEB-based platform to build models ID.3, has been dIscovered or by the presence of a large number of software problems and was forced to abandon plans to market the summer. According to the German “Manager” magazine reported that Volkswagen hundreds of test driver error reporting as many as 300 a day, there are over 10,000 technical personnel to solve these problems. In the same month, General Motors because of rear brake control software fix problems once again, in the global recall of about 162,000 vehicles.

In 2003, in order to reduce the complexity of the vehicle software, part of OEMs and component suppliers, software and semiconductor companies formed a group called AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture , namely Automotive open system architecture) alliance. The purpose of the alliance Is to design a set of standardized software architecture to facilitate the reuse of software components and optimization of late.

According to AUTOSAR official website, its core members 9, respectively parts giant Bosch, Continental, international OEMs BMW, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz parent company), Ford, General Motors, PSA Peugeot Citroen (PSA), Toyota and Volkswagen. Great Wall, FAW, SAIC, Price Waterhouse software, such as Jingwei Hengrun American vehicle manufacturers and electronics, software companies, but also among the alliance partners (Associate Partners) lIst.

“Simply put, AUTOSAR Is, the entire software and hardware cut into different blocks, the definition transmIssion standard interaction between each block.” In the luxury Car brand as an engineer duties Lin Feng told the Daily News the next Car (ID: Auto-time), which Is similar to a computer in the von Neumann architecture.

AUTOSAR architecture Source: “AUTOSAR standard development

River Ran said that since 2011, ISO 26262 Automotive electronics functional safety to international standards has been establIshed,” using AUTOSAR more and more, and now the basic architecture standards set by default. ”

According to the US company Freescale Semiconductor statIstics, in 2016 the global architecture using AUTOSAR ECU (electronic control unit, also known as “brain Car”) over the total number of 250 million, the equivalent of every 4 there Is a use of the ECU AUTOSAR architecture.

“basically all petrol vehicles had to use, because suppliers have to match the hardware architecture. We have not yet strong enough to say no to it, perhaps Tesla can.” Lin Feng told the Daily News the next Car (ID: Auto-time), unless the Car companies build their own hardware to get rid of AUTOSAR, but “the cost Is too high.”

Lin Feng said, in addition AUTOSAR Alliance members, other companies to buy a Car AUTOSAR software standard cost up to thousands of yuan, and thIs Is just the beginning, personnel qualifications and business credentials are You need to spend money to buy.

However, Jiang Ran said that 10 million -2000 million of R & D spending for the hundreds of billion of funds spent on research and development of vehicle platforms OEMs only a small number, “basically a one-time consumption. ” To Xiaopeng Car, for example, a model of R & D P7 Xiaopeng on the cost of over 3.0 billion.

work in the Automotive industry over 30 years, Zhou told the future of Automotive Daily (ID: Auto-time), AUTOSAR have become “the world’s most powerful Automotive software standards”, Is because it has continued to evolve to keep up with the Automotive electrical and electronic architecture (E / E architecture) changes in trend, a new generation system also applies to the Autopilot. “To understand the Automotive software, we must understand the AUTOSAR”.

AUTOSAR seems to have completely monopolized the right to speak Automotive software architecture standards, but the arrival of the “new four modernizations”, allowing new players to pry open the opportunitydoor.

insurgents can seize the initiative?

compared habit strict standards for fine production of traditional OEMs, Musk better at breaking the routine.

. “All things are not done Tesla Car Certification” Zhou told the Daily News the next Car (ID: Auto-time), Automotive software, including ISO 26262 certification process, including a OEMs for suppliers to the audit, as Tesla OEMs do not need to be reviewed.

Tesla abandon the use of AUTOSAR framework, through the integration of operations of AI, machine learning and data, set up their own Car neural networks, hardware and software architecture with self-developed Car Will controllers, sensors, data transmIssion and other hardware and software combination. Ran Jiang said that the ultimate goal Is to integrate electric Cars as a controller for all, “Tesla has had the Car needs dozens controller integrated into three, respectively, before the control, the left and right body.”

seemingly difficult behavior unflattering self-development, it has become the leading secret weapon Tesla Smart Car wind direction.

dIstribution of 500,000 across the globe like a giant Tesla neural network, data can be collected continuously, and every 14 days to provide users with a new driving experience with improved properties . Volkswagen CEO Herbert Meredith admitted that “there Is no other Car manufacturer can do it.”

According to the German Car magazine reported that Meredith admitted in an internal seminar in April thIs year, Tesla has a leading position in terms of software and Autopilot, “the powerful software integrated into the new model of Volkswagen, the Car Is much more difficult than to “power. Internal public being the formation of a new software divIsion, to implement the “catch-up Tesla plans.”

“We have 20,000 developers, 90% for hardware, but in 2030, software development Will account for half of the development costs.” Tesla as to the public competitive benchmarking, last June, public independent research and development applicable to all of its new models of Car vw.os system, and to thIs end has set up a 500-person’s Car.Software software R & D department, 2025 Will be expanded to 5,000 people. Volkswagen ID.3 Will also be the first models equipped vw.os system.

to do incremental Smart Car parts supplier Huawei, through self-study Is also trying to secure their power.

In February, Huawei officially announced that its smart drive computing platform MDC won the ISO 26262 functional safety management certificate Issued by TUV TV Group, certified rating for ASIL D. Two months later, Huawei Autopilot solutions are also certified by the ASIL D approval.

. “Huawei useless AUTOSAR, with their self-development of the CC framework,” Jiang told Ran future Car daily (ID: Auto-time). Compared to traditional Automotive E / E architecture, Huawei’s CC infrastructure into the smart vehicle cabin, vehicle control and smart driving three parts, corresponding to the three major platforms, and through chip + operating system, each platform are designed to an ecosystem. In hIs view, thIs means that Huawei really do Automotive communications.

involved in the Automotive circle near Huawei developed in a short time Is difficult to completely replace AUTOSAR framework program. According to Zhou said, Huawei obscurity OS middleware Is used AUTOSAR. But the company never wants to cover the development of Auto parts standard ambitions.

Huawei CC architecture Source: Huawei official

Huawei’s rotating director Xu Zhijun was in October last year, the world’s intelligent network linking Cars General Assembly, said, Huawei Will change the traditional architecture and promote smart Car Auto parts standards. In November 2020, Huawei released the “Automatic pilot network of Huawei core network White Paper”, and put forward Autonomous Driving Network (Autopilot network) concept and grading standards, the industry’s first Autopilot grading standards define the communication network.

growth of user functional requirements of complex code to get the Car, which gave birth to the AUTOSAR architecture standards. Union of demand for the intelligent network architecture Is to overturn the traditional Automotive, electronic and electrical generation ofUnicom code standards for all components, Automotive software and therefore constantly being redefined.

From a technical layout, Huawei has become the strongest competitor AUTOSAR. Can always grasp the needs of users who, perhaps in order to become the final winner.

(should the respondents were asked in thIs article Lin Feng, Jiang Ran, Zhou Is a pseudonym.)

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