Redefine the independent high-end SUV, the new Baojun how to configure the RS-5 performance?

Many people say that the recent lIsting of the new Baojun RS-5 thIs SUV, Is to rob WEY VV5 and collar 02 grams of these two models in the market, in fact, from the price, the new Baojun RS- 9.68-13.28 million for the price of 5, compared to VV5 (12.98-17.30 million) and the price of 02 grams of lead (11.98-19.08 million), it has a very great advantage, obviously has a great temptation for consumers force. But as we all know, VV5 and 02 grams of lead in the configuration of the performance very rich, then the new Baojun RS-5 Configuration for consumers on whether there Is great temptation it? We may wIsh to take stock of what it Is today equipped with the right configuration.

and passive safety features:

new Baojun RS- in addition to the R 5 based on the new platform used to create a more robust high-strength steel body structure outside the main and equipped with airbags, front side airbags, front and rear head curtain airbags, such security Is provided in the same price models which Is relatively high up.

active safety features:

in active safety, the new Baojun RS- 5 Is very rich, and it has not only includes ABS, EBD, EBA, TCS, ESP and other common active safety features, as well as tire pressure monitoring, the whole Car seat belt reminder, lane deviation warning, lane keeping, active safety systems such as brakes, you know, such a wealth of active safety features, choose VV5 and collar 02 grams of these two models, then you must select more than 15 million version only.

control auxiliary configuration:

in terms of handling the secondary configuration, the new Baojun RS- 5 performance Is also very good, it uses the front and rear parking radar, 360-degree panoramic images, full-domain adaptive 0-130km / h cruIse, Automatic parking, hill assIst, turn the cruIse assIst, intelligent city with the Car, road traffic sign recognition, intelligent speed limit, etc.At the same time intelligent driver assIstance systems, it Is these integrated systems and active safety systems, so that the new Baojun RS-5 has the ability to assIst the Autopilot L2 phase, in which the driver can do to “liberate the right foot”, but also become more Safety.

External Configuration:

on the exterior of a conventional configuration, new baojun RS-5 thIs page little vague, it may be equipped with a panoramic sunroof open, electric memory trunk, roof rack, keyless entry, remote start, LED Automatic dIstance light, LED running lights, LED fog lights, headlamps off delay and so on configuration and function.

Internal configuration:

New baojun RS-5 overall performance in the vehicle Is a color, not only with a large amount of a soft wrapping material, a top model Is also equipped with leather multifunction steering wheel, a start key, all of the liquid crystal instrument panel, a screen in the control suspension, the master / copilot electrically adjustable seats, Yan Fei LIshi sound, ambient lighting, heating power folding mirror, main mirror copilot lighting, wiper sensing, Automatic air conditioning configuration, it can be said to be very rich. It Is worth mentioning Is that it’s in the control system Is also equipped with the most advanced zebra intelligent vehicle networking system, you can easily achieve mobile Internet, online booking, intelligent voice recognition, intelligent navigation, mobile payment, remote control Cars, etc. function, these are a higher price than the new Baojun RS-5 02 grams of VV5 collar or none.

In summary, the new Baojun RS-5 not only to achieve and surpass competitors in the field of intelligent and configuration representation Not to be outdone, of course, there Is a huge price advantage stood there, VV5 and 02 grams of lead market was robbed, also granted.