Recommended two drive Deluxe Edition chi New York Automobile Chi Chuan GS8S Buyers guide

New York Automobile Chi Chuan Is a derivative models GS8S GS8, the five main consumer market. On the product positioning point of view, GS8 future Will continue to be the main selling point seven, steady go luxury line. The GS8S Will open up a new “big five” selling point, take the young, sports route, bring more possibilities for the entire GS8 Cars, to further expand the market segments. Although GS8S body size compared GS8 has been reduced, but did not shrink in the powertrain and configuration, but rather the price close to the people as well as more sporty and stylIsh design, making it a new look.

New York Automobile Chi Chuan GS8S launched a total of 4 models, the price range of 15.58-19.28 yuan. In addition, the new Car Will also enjoy quadruple privileges, including 0 down payment Car, enjoy the highest subsidies 8000 yuan replacement, free lifetime upgrades and free flow basIs CN95 efficient air filter and so on.

First, the model outlined

Appearance, GAC Trumpchi GS8S based cash GS8 build two Cars exactly the same contour. Details, Car front face straight waterfall grille, chrome highlighted to create a sense of a different kind of fine, rugged yet delicate. Models equipped with high crystal diamond full matrix LED headlamps, and support Automatic light delay off. LED lamps inside the DRL for the whole system standard, “C” shaped with the lamp lighting Is very good.

side of the Car styling compared GS8 almost no changes, tough lines sketched out the Founder’s body contour, very tough. Roof rack for the whole system comes standard, not only beautiful but also very practical. Rear heavy feeling strong, taillights and front face shape Is also echoed headlights. He was added silver bottom bumper shield, both integrated with a rectangular vent. Dimensions, Car length and breadth were 4740mm / 1910mm Is / 1775mm, wheelbase 2720mm.

Trumpchi GS8S provide two tire specifications, respectively 235/60 R18 and 245/55 R19.18 inch wheels shape Is not yet known, 19 inches thick five-spoke wheels using design, vIsual effects, quite a sense of power, Is equipped with Michelin tires Primacy4.

Trumpchi GS8S total of five kinds of body colors, in addition to the classic black and white color, red vIsual effect Is particularly Chiyan protruding. If you are tired of the mediocrity of black and white, then red Chi Yan Will definitely be your best choice.

Inside, the New York Automobile Chi Chuan GS8S and cash GS8 remained the same, surrounded by neat center console layout structure, creating a nice sense of luxury. Configuration, the new Car comes standard with a multifunction steering wheel, and 10.1 inches in the control panel, built-in Bluetooth and mobile Internet capabilities. Built-in high-allocation model system Beidou / GPS navigation and voice recognition control system, and also supports the Car networking. 12.3 inches full LCD instrument appeared on the same fiber models, dIsplay fine outstanding, the dashboard can also map navigation maps and traffic information, feature-rich.

Power, Trumpchi GS8S mounted Trumpchi third generation 2.0T engine, the maximum power of 185kW, peak torque of 390N ยท m, engine power and torque than previous generations have been enhanced, the amplitude reached 25% and 22%. TransmIssion continues to match the six-speed manual gearbox.

Second, the model configuration highlights and recommended

Trumpchi GS8S entry model two drive elite Edition, priced at 155,800 yuan. Configuration quite satIsfactory, e.g. sunroof, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, multifunction steering wheel, and 10.1 inches in the control panel and the like are mounted, can basically meet the daily. MIssing part focused on comfort and technology of the configuration, the popular terms like everyday Is able to live, but not too high to ensure the quality of life.

Clearly, Trumpchi GS8S Starter Edition models 155,800 yuan price Is not cheap, integrated configuration performance, Is not recommended. Although the number of mid-sized SUV market with the price of not too much, but there are still some empty choicebetween. Even if it Is the next best thing, for mainstream compact SUV in fact, there Is no reason, after all GS8S in size compared to some of the compact SUV no obvious advantage, so no need to struggle with thIs positioning models.

Third, the recommended model configuration analysIs

integrated multi factor, ultimately to recommend the entire department with two drive-top luxury Zhaopin Edition models, priced at 175,800 yuan. Can be found by comparing the configuration, recommended models low a level higher than the price of two drive Deluxe Edition 1 million, an increase of some of the more practical configuration, such as 19 inches wheels, panoramic sunroof can be opened, LED matrix headlights, rear privacy glass and outside mirrors memory functions, improving convenience for everyday use. In addition, 12.3-inch full LCD instrumentation, wireless charging mobile phones, GPS navigation, voice recognition control and vehicle networking to join, to enhance the sense of new Car technology. Moreover, the level of comfort configuration, recommended two drive Deluxe Edition chi same remarkable performance, such as heated steering wheel, power transfer and the main passenger seat heating front seat ventilation functions are very useful, in addition to the main driving position also with memory function. Security section, recommended models join the front and rear head airbags as well as 360-degree panoramic images. In summary, many of the new configuration covers many aspects, the other hand $ 10,000 price difference can be quite cost-effective.

In contrast with the top two drive GLS models, priced at 192,800 yuan, by contrast difficult to find, with the top version of the model did not bring too many surprIses in terms of configuration options. Configuring the allure of power tailgate, multicolor ambient lighting and knee airbags are very limited, and even the icing on the cake can not be called, but compared to the recommended models, but a full two-drive GLS expensive 17000 yuan. At thIs point it Is clear already Needless to say, even if the budget Is sufficient, it Is not recommended to select top version models.