Recognized worldwide as the most “urinary” in automotive interiors, really kneeling Figure 1, Figure 7 Is a look at the rich

Reprinted from one hundred Author: Fast Triangle

recognized worldwide as the most “urinary” in Automotive interiors, really kneeling Figure 1 , and Figure 7 Is a look at the rich

Figure 1: Pontiac 6000, light from the driver, the Car you want for a few ten key proficiency in physics to learn and use, presumably not a year or so Is not possible, it Is said in thIs model year launch, but also under the banner of “multi-functional, convenience,” the introduction, I really do not know design divIsion Is where he comes from self-confidence, the courage for him, my knees really.

FIG. 2: see thIs interior , just thinking about a problem, the Thai public of the designer Is not from the bus company? Especially the air conditioning exhaust vents, people really powerless Tucao.

Figure 3: third Generation Camaro Z28, Camaro entire interior filled with words, the seat covered Camaro words, the key problem Is that the door Is also covered Camaro words, you stand it ?

FIG. 4: Purple Automotive interior for the goddess, girls see thIs Car interiors Will not help falling in love with it.

FIG. 5: Vector W8, inspired from F117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, it Is not sound particularly fast hardware, but Is too complicated, so not many people like.

Figure 6: Jeep Compass: First Is a general, the new Jeep Compass in control not look ugly to the point of prohibitive, but it does not look good. Such as thIs 2019 version Automatically be comfortable sharing thIs console projecting outwardly powerful, and who called on the center console screen it? Really, than it Is now generally have a small phone screen three times, bad eyes are too afraid to lie looked up. Air conditioning knobs below the center console layout Is also very special, arguably the three knobs layout that Is very common, but coupled with the shape of the center console, really Is especially wonderful.

Figure 7: Wow, the entire Cars Is jeweled, a look that Is rich ah! What are your wonderful interiors also seen it