Recognized worldwide as the best 5 engines, Volkswagen out of sight, only Mercedes-Benz ranked third

strength has always been the king of the world in the Automotive, vehicle quality Is good or bad, the level of vehicle performance determines whether a brand can stand up in the world. For a Car, it Is the most central parts of the engine. Most of the time the engine can be said to illustrate a brand of hard power, brought to you today Is the world’s most performance out of 5 color models Automobile engines, Honda only ranked second, first best known.


NIssan Car’s engine performance Is relatively good, as the Japanese brands inherited low fuel consumption , quality and stability characterIstics. Although on the dynamic performance of the rival, but overall pretty good, very low failure rate, for families, thIs engine Is the most worthy of consideration.

4: Lexus

Lexus performance in the world has always been obvious to all, the quality Is very good, as the Japanese high-end luxury Car brand, it can be said that Japanese Car essence are most vividly demonstrated, vehicle failure rate Is very low, and fuel consumption Is very objective, Car quality Is recognized around the world, so that the Lexus engine Is definitely impress.

3: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz ranked third in the honest people a little accident, a notoriously tough engine big heart Is serious business, Mercedes-Benz engine, the failure rate Is very low, but the dynamic performance and very good. It can be said Is the best engine in the eyes of many men, you should buy a Mercedes-Benz Is also the dream of many men.

2: Honda

Honda in 2019, the US market suffered a Waterloo, the increase in oil Issues people sometimes hard to accept. But they have to say that the performance of the engine technology Is still very good, engine failure rate Is very low, and their performance Is also very good. As a pillar of Japanese brand, has been making great efforts to the development of engine technology, fuel-efficient and quality combine at all.

1: Toyota

Toyota’s global reputation are very famous, arguably one of the best known Car companies, many owned vehicle sales are very exaggerated, and word of mouth Is also very outstanding. Toyota’s engine naturally impress, the failure rate Is very low, fuel consumption Is low enough. Either sedan or SUV models, fuel consumption at the same level so that all other models to shame. So Toyota’s engine Is capable of in the first place Is deserved of.

But speaking more Japanese Cars are more suitable for home, fuel-efficient engine because of its good quality also, but compared to the German Cars it sent a lot of power in the performance of the above , the dynamic performance of the powerful German Cars, but fuel consumption Is somewhat exaggerated, when buying a Car or to their own balance, thIs lIst that you agree with it, out to the point of it!