Read these contrast realized, I had really made cars than the joint venture car behind!

Many people say, those who feel foreign moon Is more rounded person, does not deserve to live in the United States, but today we do not pull the other, but on the Car on the Car, to dIscuss about the gap between domestic Cars and Cars of the joint venture. Perhaps in thIs analysIs, we can know, how to improve the quality of domestic Cars, catch up a joint venture vehicle.

look at today domestic Car sales, to seize the hearts of consumers, in fact, mainly because the price close to the people, coupled with the quality has also been a very substantial increase, say overall Is still very good. Can Despite thIs, the Automotive market remains an undeniable fact, the same level models, the joint venture brand Car Is definitely more expensive than domestic, as for the difference, generally ranging from 50,000 100,000 knife, such as Harvard H6 and Tiguan.

sometimes it Is so difficult to understand, just two Cars from the data point of view, space, configuration, power, any one sense, absolute spike Hover H6 Tiguan. But when it comes to price, Harvard sold only 100,000, while the Tiguan it? 200,000 price had to line up to buy, many people still do not buy! ThIs fact can not be denied, but also confirms that from the side, domestic Cars, with the joint venture vehicle Is indeed a gap. Today, we talk to everyone, domestic and joint venture in which the difference in the end!

Although domestic Cars more and more popular, but when it comes to craftsmanship Car, a lot of the old master Will come out Tucao, take a look at these joint Cars are actually engage in the production in the country, and even raw materials also almost as domestic Cars. The difference Is that joint venture brands of Cars, although we own workers machined parts, but for the quality of testing Is very strict. If you want to launch a new Car, you mustAfter repeated testing and research to ensure that there would be no problem to reach the market. The domestic Car? Whenever they go wrong, replacement parts, had time to review it vIsible flaws, the entire production process supervIsion Is too small to have such strong contrast.

the most important parts of a Car what Is? Certainly the engine. Although domestic engine Is all the fanfare, claiming that only reliable own production only practical, but the fact Is, if it Is the same level engine, a joint venture vehicle fuel consumption Will be reduced by 20%. In the final analysIs, or because we do not deal with the details of the engine in place, because not all aspects of the control accurately, eventually leading to the loss of power. We want to achieve the same power that made the engine must consume more fuel.

in addition to the engine, chassIs adjustment aspect can not be ignored. Only now, a lot of brand recognition for thIs area Is still very sCarce, you want to achieve greater progress, only to spend more time to learn.

Although we all like domestic Cars can go beyond the joint venture vehicle, even grind them underfoot, but the fact that it Is more help see progress. Only clear gap between the two, start from the core processing technology and details, in order to better catch up with each other. By that time, we made the launch of the new Car when the technology and Will be the main engine, definitely not what massage chairs and a big screen in the control as a selling point to attract consumers. That moment Is the strength of the domestic Car really play time.