Reached a whopping 640hp! Porsche 911 Turbo MKII camouflage car New Zealand Nordschleife capture

With the 992-generation 911 after another facelift, the strong performance of the 911 Turbo and convertible versions, recently captured by the paparazzi in New York Nordschleife overseas, adjustable aerodynamics front, side air inlet to increase and a large tail behind the towering Alice, heralding a strong coming out of thIs 911 turbo time not far, according to foreign media representation, 992 Turbo Will be coming out early next year, pushing the maximum output Is expected to rIse to an alarming level 640hp !

from overseas paparazzi photo shows the 992-generation 911 Turbo, the front appearance of the exIsting models naturally drawn outline, not only body shape Is more broad front bumper air intake grille also increased a lot, as variable aerodynamic front spoiler facelift front lip installed, naturally there Is still cited equipped to create a more stable vehicle dynamics.

may Qiaochu lateral photograph, the corresponding power output Is expected to further rIse, the brake system Is filled in the gap almost rim, while the outer more extendable wide-body rear wheel arches, over time as the engine Is supplied with intake air, the volume increase than in the past, but also saw a large shape different from the conventional tail design.

In addition to the general Coupe version, the paparazzi have captured overseas convertible version of the trail, the same adoption and rear Coupe same large rear wing, thIs Is expected to be able to upgrade without less stability spoiler rear axle, or the speed sensor Will be used to Automatically open and close the design, as the LED tail light 992 generations, which appeared naturally, the more sides of the vehicle camouflage black cloth Is attached, can be imagined By then, if officially lIsted, it Will be something different entirely new look.

As for the introduction of hot power output, the engine Will continue structure Is not unexpected 3.8-liter six-cylinder dual turbine, which has on GT2 RS can play a 700hp power output of the heart, it Is expected to be set at around 600hp in the 992 Turbo, as for re-positioning of high-level Turbo S Is expected to have raIsed their realm 640hp, as to help to improve the handling of the rear wheels steering system, of course, also citing equipped.

ThIs performance version of the 911 most powerful facelift, both Coupe and convertible models, Will launch Turbo and Turbo S models, as to determine the time to market, Is expected to fall early next year, when, and finally the last piece of the 992 generation models complete the puzzle put together.