Ran a high-speed trip came to understand, the gap between hatchback and sedan how much, I hope you picked the right

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factors to consider when choosing Cars Is really too much, in addition to the brand, color, and so these Issues, even if identified models, often have to make a choice in both sedan and hatchback versions, then in the end how to choose? To make thIs as someone who answers the old drivers, which represents: a trip to a high-speed run came to understand, the gap between hatchback and sedan how much, I hope you picked the right.

first take a brief talk about the hatchback and sedan Is how to define it, in fact sedan “sedan” refers to the Car’s engine compartment, passenger compartment and Weicang three parts are mutually independent and closed. The hatchback although there are three parts above, but the crew cabin and tail tank did not completely separated, so they can only be considered together as a “envelope”, plus the engine compartment Is natural “hatchback” the.

From the space up to the hatchback and sedan for comparIson, in a case where the same platform, sedan trunk space Is significantly greater than the hatchback, sedan Is so strong loading capacity for luggage and other objects, but it should be noted that compared to the sedan’s trunk lid for the hatchback Is to have a much larger opening tailgate, so from the trunk to take the time and place items hatchback Will be more convenient.

From the point of view of body size, since a plurality sedan length behind the rear, so the section hatchback sedan models than the same models to be grow tens of centimeters, when used in urban roads, either the shuttle or parking in tight parking spaces, the body Is relatively short hatchback to drive in traffic to be more simple and convenient. However, as pointed out by older drivers, after the high-speed, the gap between the hatchback and sedan Will be prominent, the first sedan driving stability at high speed Is higher than the hatchback, which Is due around the body air under pressure Will be formed in the rear, because of sedan rear, so that its travel under pressure to make the process more rear portion of the wheel close to the ground, with such stability of the vehicle Is not a smallIncrease, while the hatchback Is not at all “butt Car”, although some in the rear hatchback models extend a short “small tail” to increase pressure, but the role Is often limited.

Another point Is that, since the rear hatchback passenger compartment and together are not completely separated, so when the vehicle Is running, the tail in particular, the rear tire noIse generated by road noIse Will flow directly to the vehicle interior, Will thus greatly reducing the comfort, especially when traveling at high speed, thIs drawback Is magnified hatchback.

These are the older drivers are summed up, the difference between a hatchback and a sedan, in fact, two models have advantages and dIsadvantages, although in overall performance of high-speed hatchback sedan Is better, but when used in crowded cities hatchback really be more convenient for some, so buy what you want to combine their actual Car needs to make a decIsion.