Quest Changan Automobile: Why Chang’an interior air quality Is super good?

Is substantially the human condition of air, water, sunlight, a suitable temperature, nutrients, and some living space, which Is where the air Is in the first place.

Studies have shown that an adult breathe 20,000 times a day, inhaled air about 20 kg, 10 times more than one day of food and water intake. People can live without food for 20 days, can live seven days without water, can live five days without sleep, breathing can not only live 10 minutes!

Modern medical research also shows that natural breathing fresh air can promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, improve myoCardial nutrition, reduce fatigue and improve neurological function of the human body, improve work efficiency; On the contrary it Will lead to dizziness, fatigue, boredom, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms, over time, Will lead to a variety of human dIseases.

ThIs shows how important good air quality for human health in terms of there.

For modern people, in addition to home and office every day, stay in the Car a lot of time. Home and office, if not newly renovated, no need to worry too much about air quality Issues. Even newly renovated, as long as the material used in properly ventilated by more than six months time, the use of formaldehyde and various adsorbates in addition, can rest assured to stay. But the air quality inside the vehicle, and how to ensure it?

In thIs regard, Changan Automobile air quality module in the Car, so that gives a user the most satIsfactory answer.

For Automobiles, the main source of air pollution has a mass and the material itself and so the Car itself.

such as Car, on the market many Car off the production line directly into the market, harmful gases and odors and various accessories material Is not released, thereby causing vehicle air pollution. For materials, various assembly if the material itself Is inferior, which may then itself contains toxic gases, including benzene, formaldehyde, acetone, xylene and the like, inevitably vehicle air pollution. Produce these harmful Automobile body, for a long time Will inevitably have an impact on human health.

forest air systems, remote control odor, but also a healthy Car air environment.

for a new Car, it usually has an odor of must open ventilation. In thIs case, if the Spring and Autumn Fortunately, the windows open at least not too cold and too hot; but if it Is winter, the Car Will really open the windows to cool you suspect life. So how to solve thIs dilemma?

Imagine if, as a house, a new Car placed an air cleaner capable of Automatically detecting the air quality, and then rapid purification of air, and the mobile phone can control its switching. So, Is it possible to ensure that the time on the train to have a good environment?

In thIs regard, Changan Automobile indeed walk in the forefront of Car prices. Its production models of its new CS75, for example, they are equipped with the second generation of forest air system with remote control purification, in the Car, that can phone remote query interior air quality and air purification can be turned on remotely, for new Car odoriferous play a better purification. In easy to dIstribute taste of weather exposure, can purify the air quality inside the vehicle in advance, so that you and your family in the Car can always enjoy a good air environment.

Further, the system can actively monitor air quality. For example while driving, it Is possible to find active contamination, it Is found that when the interior air quality index below a certain value, it Will Automatically open purification, 1min achieve rapid elimination of soot particles, a glass Cartridge within the vehicle purification 3min, its active sex, fast sex, are worthy of our praIse.

to achieve control from the source, the use of better materials in the Car to reduce volatile harmful substances.

For the interior air quality, interior materials used also play a key role. Improper use of interior materials, the taste Will be very volatile pungent.

For example, some leather products, due to the manufacturing process Will formaldehyde, and when volatilized formaldehyde, long easy to vertigo, nausea, vomiting symptoms.

Further, use a variety of Automotive interior solventless adhesive, such as: adhesive wallpaper, Carpet adhesives, adhesive sealing, adhesives and other plastics. Adhesive course also release formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and other volatile organic compounds. A long time, no matter for the driver or rider, Will be adversely affected.

want from the source to stop, then on to control of raw materials, it must be more stringent.

Is to enhance their ability to detect the first element. For the control, Changan Automobile establIsh and improve the interior air quality control system, invest more than 15 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) Car air quality testing laboratory establIshed, with the vehicle, parts and materials three experimental verification capability from the source, include domestic the largest passenger vehicle cabin VOC environment, analysIs and detection system 3 sets annual capacity of 750 trips vehicle testing, component testing capacity of more than 3,000 times, greatly enhance their professionalIsm and rigor.

In addition to strengthening its ability to detect, for supplier selection, should also be more stringent, to be able effectively to guard against substandard materials. Under the guidance of Changan Automobile advance, there are more than 100 parts suppliers to establIsh a smell, VOC control and consIstency of support capabilities. ThIs Is equivalent to the raw material prior to application to the vehicle, has been handling hazardous volatile substances, making the new Car after assembly, acrid, harmful substances effectively reduced, so that new Car smell inside the Car we buy from the 4S shop to smaller.

Finally, the use of raw materials, Changan Automobile focus on “green-Car technology health” tab in the “less into, produce less, speed rule out” principle under constantly optimize the air-quality-related vehicle manufacturing industry chain materials and process solutions.

For example, in the vehicle application materials, especially plastic, foam, leather, glue and other key materials, Changan Automobile has a unique material solutions. For example, a large number of low volatility, environmentally friendly water-based glue and water-based paint, eliminating the use of paper core high PP fiberglass panels, wood panels and other volatile, smell great material, allowing harmful volatile substances Car to a minimum. Through the rapid purification forest air systemAccelerate the air quality inside the purification, bring healthier and safer driving environment.

Written in the last: Why Changan Automobile interior air quality level Is much better than the national standard? Now you can have the answer.

are functionally superior Forest Air system, good air quality testing capabilities, first-class suppliers, more environmentally friendly and healthy raw materials, Changan Auto to build a better Car air quality. And all of thIs, are derived from Changan Automobile to “user-oriented” production and management philosophy, only users with the ease of satIsfaction to be able to drive to produce better products!