Qoros – Outlook caused 3 GT, 10 million level of cross-border sedan, show real shot!

qoros – Outlook caused 3 GT, is a high-pass and comfort sedan car in an SUV, designed for the pursuit of quality of life of young elite to create a cross-border movement of Sedan; this section body color used the “Vesuvius orange” enthusiastic.

2018 Houston eleven International Auto Show, the founder of street shooting, automotive editor @ Street beat Libertine Zhangjiang Xiong you real shot: qoros – Outlook caused 3 GT, the official price of 108,900 yuan (CNY) -13.99 ten thousand yuan (CNY).

qoros – View actuator 3 GT, vehicle length 4633mm, vehicle width 1854mm, the vehicle height 1509mm, wheelbase 2705mm. A top speed of 211km / h, zero to one hundred kilometers acceleration time of just 9.3 seconds, 100 km minimum conditions fuel consumption 6.4L.

qoros – View actuator 3 GT, the engine is mounted 1.6T + 6DCT gearbox combination of gold, so the power outbreak waves; unique combination of exterior rear view mirror and tail black stars bring calm and cool .

qoros – View actuator 3 GT, GT exclusive highlight its distinctive logo; diamond cutting and black color silver star flame alloy wheels 18 inches, projecting movement style, sports highlight genes.

qoros – Outlook caused 3 GT, ultra-high chassis through sex, compact solid chassis tuning, 174mm ground clearance comparable full SUV, both urban roads and non-paved road, can calmly .

qoros – Outlook caused 3 GT, as the country’s first cross-border sports car, the motion profile and performance tuning integration, to achieve a unified color high value, high quality and motility.