Public comment! More than 13 passenger cars within the proposed ban Ru Kunming Ring

Pocket Spring City News May 17, reporters from Palm Spring City Kunming Municipal People’s Government official website informed that, in order to standardize the main city of Kunming city traffic order and road traffic, improve urban road traffic environment, Kunming Public Security Bureau drafting of the “urban road vehicle traffic regulations (draft)”, units and individuals have opinions and suggestions on the revised version, it may submit comments to the Bureau of justice in Kunming before June 16 by letter, e-mail and other means.

Reporters noted that the proposed regulations Approved Kunming passenger 13 (or more) of passenger vehicles (excluding buses), not in the Ring Road (excluding) traveling on the road within the region. At the same time, to be a predetermined outside dimensions height 2.5 m (or more) of the vehicle; truck, motorcycle and non-motor vehicles can not travel in the ramp and is connected to the upper Urban Expressway.

In addition, the proposed regulations trainee driving instructor car; tractors, low-speed truck, three cars, wheeled on its own mechanical cars, special operations vehicles; animal-drawn vehicles, manpower scooters; tricycle, in addition to the sanitation department vehicles for municipal solid waste removal and transportation outside, not within the enclosed area with the road together in the beltway (including).

the permitted weight below 1,000 kg truck

not within 7:00 to 22:00 road into bicyclo

in the “urban road vehicle traffic regulations (revised)” (draft), the Kunming proposed regulations permitted weight 1000 kg (excluding) the following day from 7:00 to 22:00 truck must not within Ring Road (including) area of ​​a road; Long Road (excluding) Chenggong District, Bitan Street (inclusive), liangwang road (not), Fairview Street (inclusive), the spring melt Road (inclusive) of the enclosed area within the road.

the permitted weight 1,000 kg (or more) of the truck tractor and trailer may not Ring Road day (inclusive), and Choi regional road road main road, Dianchi Road, Lake Road (crops Tong interchange to hump Street) travel. 7:00 to 22:00 auxiliary channel not in the way the clouds, to attract Street Chenggong region, the spring melt Road, West spring melt, Mingnan King Road, King Ming Road day; Chenggong Long Road region (excluding), Bitan Street (inclusive), liangwang road (not), Fairview Street (inclusive), the spring melt Road (inclusive) of the enclosureArea within the road; beltway (free) within the enclosed area with the road.

motorcycle into the city to renew or not to re-submit the quasi-line card

Kunming proposed provisions, September 1, 2007 (excluding) before registration in Kunming no registration quasi-line card motorcycle into the city, not in the ring Road (excluding), ring Road (excluding), December First Avenue (free), Xichang Road (excluding), ring Road ( free) roads within the area.

is not in Kunming and motorcycles registered after September 1, 2007 registered in Kunming, not in Wuhua, Panlong, Guandu District, Xishan District, Chenggong District within the administrative area of ​​road travel. Which the West Zhu streets, Yunnan source Street, Aziying streets, Haikou streets, paved streets Makin, seven jurisdictions suspend the implementation of Austin Streets.

In addition, holders of quasi-line card motorcycle into the city, there is for the transfer of registration, change registration, cancellation of registration; motorcycle lost, missing, or not go through into the city to renew the quasi-line card.

official duties and other special vehicles subject to the approval and in accordance with the specified time, travel route

draft clearly, the city official duties or transport production materials and daily necessities, to carry out urban public infrastructure, carry out public works for custody and repair, city environment maintenance, transfers to and from work for employees, vehicles engaged in passenger travel and other needs access to restricted traffic areas shall be approved by the city police traffic management department, and in accordance with the specified time, travel route.

This provision of the following terms:

“urban road” refers to the city for vehicles, pedestrians, with certain technical conditions of roads, bridges and ancillary facilities ;

“Ring Road” refers to Second Ring (tigers off overpass to overpass Venus), Second Ring Road (Venus overpass to overpass Huangtupo), Ring Road (overpass to bright Huangtupo waves overpass), 2nd Ring (Mingbo overpass to overpass off tigers);

“beltway” refers East beltway (large red oolong interchange to interchange), Kun-speed (oolong Kowloon Bay Interchange to Interchange), northwest beltway (Kowloon Bay Interchange to peace village Interchange), Kun high-speed (peace village supreme steep Interchange Interchange), beltwayInner line (Tai high steep interchange punch segment Interchange).

Pocket Spring City Reporter: Zhang Xi

editor: Yang Yan Fu Yali

Final: Li Yan