Provide customized services new BMW 7 Series Exposure

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A few days ago, we received a portion of the system configuration information from the new BMW 7 BMW official. New Car in the exterior and interior are using the latest design language, the appearance of color Will provide customized services, the interior Is equipped with intelligent interconnect BMW cockpit. In addition, the new Car launch luxury suite version, M kit version and M760Li three versions for consumers to choose, Will be officially lIsted on 24 May 2020.

Read the following points, we count finIshed half

a new Car with a new design language, “big nose” Is full of domineering;

thIs year, the new Car Will be available May 24;

still provide 12-cylinder engine on the power.

No doubt, the new model selection of the latest design language, the kidney grille separation becomes less obviously, dimensional feeling stronger, and the height increases 50mm, surface area Is increased about 40%. Headlights on both sides of the group become more narrow, “Angel Eyes” also abstract treatment, eyes more sharp. Under bumper styling becomes more complicated, however, by processing techniques designed to make the arrangement of the vents Is no longer unexpected.

as an executive saloon, natural to look elegant; as BMW’s flagship model, the appearance seemed natural to sports. While the new 7 Series to achieve a balance between the two. The fender Is also opened a vent, better combing out wheels turbulence. Chrome beneath the body to further enhance the appearance of fine degree, chrome exhaust port, narrow taillights and other details are true.

In addition, M kit version, M760Li design two models also differ with the regular edition, the vIsual effect Is more aggressive . In addition, M760Li model also features a total of four exhaust bilateral decoration, sports and Winter Solstice.

There Is no doubt that the new Car continues the family style interiors, equipped with 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and 10.25 inches touch screen, equipped with the seventh generation of BMW iDrive system support a variety of control-touch, speech, gestures, including. The new generation of BMW 7 Series the entire department Is equipped with Nappa leather upholstery and provide personalized service, consumers can also in the headrest, in control, and other location-specific custom embroidery or badges.

The new BMW 7 mounted Is also equipped with intelligent driving assIstance system, which Is following the leading vehicle when the vehicle speed Is lower than the support 60km / h with the Automatic, and without holding the steering wheel, when 70-210km / h own vehicle lane change work can be completed.

power section, the new BMW 7 Series Is expected to be upgraded for the power of some models. Wherein 740Li models equipped 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine, the maximum power Will be increased to 250kW (340Ps); 750Li models equipped with twin-turbo 4.4L V8 engine, the maximum power of 390kW (530Ps); In addition, models equipped with the BMW M760Li 6.6T V12 engine maximum power of 449kW (610Ps), peak torque of 800Nm, 0-100km / h acceleration time of 3.7s, the drive 8 Will match aspect speed manual gearbox.

New models of energy, a conventional hybrid version plug 740e / Le models would then be replaced 745e / Le models, which Will retain the 2.0T engine, but the motor and battery pack upgrades, integrated maximum power of the entire power system Will be upgraded to 291kW (396Ps).

Comments: Class D represents a luxury Car brand of the facade, but also reflect the strength of the technology. Luxury brands still retains much class D Car brand, and sold out less, basically only three BBA only. The appearance of the new 7 Series Is more movement, more competitiveness, but market sales Will be better? We’ll see.

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