Pricing and BMW X5 similar mid-term facelift Audi Q7 odds geometry?

The first generation of the Audi Q7 Is one of the most successful models

and Mercedes-Benz, BMW compared to the Audi Q7 Is not a in particular qualifications old luxury brand in the large SUV. Launched in 2005, it was almost more than Q7 ML, X5 late generation models, but thIs does not conceal its light. Perhaps realized that he came relatively late, Audi foot work in the first-generation model above, thIs gives the Car a powerful aura, it Is the same level compared to the large SUV to be on the lap, plus Audi itself in recognition of the domestic market, the Audi Q7 still has been widely welcomed and praIsed.

large SUV the most attention Is the gas field, these models have not only used as a family Car, it Is a status symbol, the first generation Audi Q7 fully capture the consumer’s mind. According to the normal replacement time, the 7–8 years Is a model of the cycle, but Audi hold back a full 10 years before the launch of the second generation in 2015. We thought the extra two years to Biechu big move, to debut later only to find dIsappointment. Evolution in the direction of the large SUV Is a growing body towards the development of the gas field Is growing, the BMW X5 Is one of the most typical example. Audi Q7 Will do the opposite, not only overall body size has shrunk, and even the once proud aura has suddenly absent.

In addition to appearance, as well as dIsappointing interior. As Audi’s first large Car using the MLB Evo platform, the Audi Q7 and not widen the gap midsize sedan followed the same platform (A4), can only say that law-abiding. In thIs case, thIs generation Audi Q7 ushered in the mid-term facelift.

A lot of people understand that mid-term facelift vehicle generally focused on internal changes, such as the engine, gearbox Is the focus of replacement. If that Is not well understood, you can use iPhone analogy, all products with “S” suffix Is ​​equivalent to the mid-term facelift, but remained almost unchanged appearance to enhance the performance of the product. The same Is true of the vehicle, mid-term facelift interior and exterior Will basically be minor adjustments, but the Audi Q7 did not do so, it uses the latest look and mostNew interior, a new medium and large current product line remains the same.

Meanwhile, the core motors have replaced with the latest version of the single turbo EA839 replaces old supercharged engine, power, fuel consumption and weight are above It has been significantly improved.

From the above change of view, although it Is a mid-term facelift, but Audi under a lot of determination, almost as we create a new model . About a full range of analytic change models, read thIs article:

the appearance of high similarity, the Audi Q7 facelift let thIs wave Q8 how to sell

then you talk about the price we are most concerned about, the new Car a total of three models, equipped with a 2.0T engine, the other two with a 3.0T engine, the price range of 689 800 -86.68 million. Contrast BMW X5 look different dIsplacement models, the price range Is very similar.

on a new Car, a lot of ease of configuration we need are late do not have to do almost optional. But consumers still need to pay attention to some details, such as all models are not equipped with electric steering wheel adjustment, thIs Is a highly convenient configuration; at the same time still need the optional adaptive cruIse on the high vehicle, when consumers buy It can be equipped selectively according to their habits.

mid-term facelift Audi Q7 Is very sincere, exterior, interior and powertrain Chengdu, a comprehensive change, whether it Is or looks can open up satIsfactory. After the mid-term facelift, Audi’s cutting-edge design Is back, it still Is a hit with consumers can rely on the appearance of the product. Of course, there are excellent at Audi powertrain, whether output of the engine, gearbox or matching solid chassIs, can make the driver feel comfortable.