Powerful combination, the Volkswagen Group Will invest $ 2.6 billion Ford Argo AI

Recently, the Volkswagen Group and Ford Motors announced to expand its global cooperation, strengthen market share in the field of electric vehicles, the Volkswagen Group Will invest $ 2.6 billion Argo AI, and MEB to Ford open modular power platform.

in the field of electric vehicles, Ford Will be the first use of the Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicle architecture and modular platform –MEB platform electric Car prices, based on Volkswagen Group MEB modular power platform, Ford plans to Cologne, Germany McKinney hope to design a new electric models, and Will be lIsted in 2023. As part of bilateral cooperation, the Volkswagen Group Will provide MEB parts support. Meanwhile, Ford Is expected to be delivered over the next six years to the European market more than 600,000 MEB-based architecture of the Car.

in the field of Autonomous driving, Volkswagen Group Will invest $ 2.6 billion Ford Motor Company Argo AI Autopilot, the future of the Volkswagen Group and Ford Motor Company’s shares held by Argo AI ratio same, the two sides have the right to Argo AI Autopilot system are mounted on the respective products to achieve volume shipment worldwide.

In addition, the Volkswagen Group and Ford announced that it would improve their pickups and medium-sized commercial vehicles competitive in the global market through cooperation. Ford two companies responsible for the development, procurement and manufacturing midsize pickups previously announced, as early as 2022 launch in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America and other global markets important market; at the same time, the two companies Will also Ford R & D, design, procurement and manufacture of large commercial vehicles, Is expected in 2022 put the European market. Volkswagen also plans to research and development, purchasing and manufacturing a commercial city, and other designated for the European market worldwide.

Written | New York News Reporter Li Wendi

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