Paragraph 6 engine failure rate of the lowest car brand, first to its name!

Car’s engine just like our human heart as important, so choose a Car to buy a Car first thing to consider Is the engine, the engine Is broken can only lie in that, and then you are not a Car engine heap of scrap metal, cheaper Car engine does not work can not buy, in fact, a friend of the Car engine certainly there Will be more or less understanding of US consumers also have a good habit Is not that good to follow suit, two friends face bought a few years to open a fuel-efficient Car Is not bad, then the village to buy the Car or buy thIs brand of people more. So we choose in everyday Car, how to choose a good quality Car engine it? Today small to share with several of the lowest failure rate and best quality Car brand.

Honda NO. 1

Failure Rate: 0.29%

Japan’s Honda brand, we all know that no motorcycle when Japan has got open in USA, Japan and USA lead than ten years beginning in Automobile manufacturing, Japan 1948 birth as a motorcycle manufacturer. Is the largest of the world Motorcycles manufacturer, vehicle production and scale among the world’s top ten Car manufacturers lIst. The failure rate was only 0.29%, which Is an average of one per 344 engine failure occurs, it Is truly number one in the United States ran up the most resIstance to open or have Japanese Cars.

Toyota NO. 2

Failure Rate: 0.58%

does not really bad Toyota, thIs sentence Is summed up by a lot of consumers, although in second place but with Toyota Is Japan’s Cars, engine reliability ranking second. Witness the two years the Atkinson cycle technology brings benefits to consumers, under the hybrid system technology Is very mature contrast, in fact, Toyota’s engine, pay attention to the power output of the ride, comfort and other aspects, in US sales are very stable.

NO.3 Benz

Failure Rate0.83%

good German Cars general process, technology hardware, body and more rugged, a conservative and reserved, durability, reliability and maintainability advocating the pursuit of speed sense, etc., but German Cars are in basic domestic prices, cost of oil. Car, maintenance costs are also relatively high, but Mercedes-Benz has occupied the third, that Is, per 119 Mercedes-Benz Cars have an engine failure occurs, the data may be biased but the third throne Is also no loss.

NO.4 Volvo

the failure rate of 0.9%

Although Volvo has always been the main safety, but also in the Automotive industry recognized the highest safety Car, but also a very good performance in terms of engine, Volvo (Volvo), the famous SwedIsh luxury Car brand, has translated Regal. The brand was created in 1927 in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1999, the Volvo Group’s Volvo Car business to Ford Motor Company.

NO.5 Jaguar

the failure rate of 0.98

since the creation of the Jaguar brand has always committed to providing elegant and charming and dynamic passion of Cars in different periods of its hIstorical development but also the emergence of a variety of classic Cars lay the Jaguar brand fashionable status. In recent years, also with a unique appearance and excellent power engine, sales in our country Is on the rIse.

NO.6 Lexus

Failure Rate: 0.99%

Lexus I believe we all have a soft spot it, Is not the only domestic luxury Cars, Toyota Group Is the world’s leading luxury Car brand. Founded in 1983, in just ten years time, sales in North America Will be more than Mercedes-Benz, BMW. Since 1999, its continuous ranked first in the world luxury Car sales in North America. Although sales in the country are notWhat, Toyota continues the good engine reliability.