Pajero mini successor reproduction? 2020 MitsubIshi Will launch heavy off-road capability of a light crossover vehicle

MitsubIshi Motors after being acquired last year Renault Alliance production date, in order to revitalize the brand, Masuko, president released a 2020 global sales of 1.3 million units, with a total investment amount of up to 2.5 trillion yen in long-term business plan DRIVE FOR GROWTH, which has announced that it Will launch 11 new models between 2016-2020 three-year, six models Will be new or exIsting models of major facelift version of the model, introduced two models each year. But after Eclipse Cross has received wide response Japanese consumers, in addition to continuing the introduction of MitsubIshi Motors Delica D: 5, Eclipse Cross PHEV derivative models outside, light Automatic Car Will also have a revolutionary product appears!

The next aspect of the passenger Car Will be Delica D: 5, and the light for a long time no new product line Automatic Car, MitsubIshi Will accompany NMKV ( NIssan and MitsubIshi Motors joint venture Automatic light vehicle research and development center) new model was launched in 2020, originally planned two models, one for the major facelift version of the eK Wagon, Is returning to the other, a light on the market cross-border SUV, both Will help MitsubIshi Motors has introduced become an important profit weapon.

but things have unexpected developments, according to Japanese media to grasp NMKV insiders revealed by information based on Japan now fierce market competition, lightweight and high-top Wagon, Is the leader of Japan’s most selling models Honda N-BOX (including passenger statIstics), originally intended to lead the market in 2020, a major facelift eK Wagon launch may be delayed. Currently internal decIsion to major facelift eK Wagon Is based on heightening chassIs, import Dynamic Shield lightweight design Straddling SUV Will be the first launch, catch up with the Japanese market demand for SUV products, and the best light with the current cross-border sales SUV Cars – Suzuki Hustler under a high!

MitsubIshi would like to once again cut into the light-duty SUV market, in addition to R & D focus has been on SUV outside, in fact, between 1994 and 2013, MitsubIshi Car has launched an Automatic light vehicle specification Pajero Mini SUV, and by many customers for their support. Although the design Is very unfavorable for three practical ways, but not far from the passenger Car specification Pajero 4WD four drive system, a powerful non-ride-type vehicle, launched 14 years has been tied with Suzuki Jimny two major light SUV, and now there are many fans support.

but under the changing times, if the new model Is a SUV, taking into account the fuel consumption and production costs, NMKV a lower likelihood of non-ride-type frame structure developed. TransmIssion simplified version but four drive technology Know-How MitsubIshi has a point of view, thIs crossover SUV light to import exIsting Eclipse Cross Car S-AWC four-wheel electronic and Hill Decent Control Descent to maintain some off-road capability.

Thus, thIs light Will differ from the cross-SUV eK space using sliding door, the maintenance of traditional five configuration, i.e. similar to the previous eK Wagon Release straddling derived version eK Active, body size length and breadth were 3395mm × 1475mm × 1670mm, for substantially Automatic vehicle can be regarded as a light version of the Delica D: 5.

the face of competitors on the market under poor conditions, under long as the combined NIssan OEM models synergIstic effect, thIs Will help light-duty SUV MitsubIshi Motors to improve profit performance, In terms of the Japanese domestic market Will be the bonus effect, the future does not rule out the introduction wIDE wide body version for export to other countries.