Overheating, Li Jiaqi, Silvia …… car live rivers and lakes, Who?

face 4S shop wants to come down the line, manufacturers and distributors have to look for other ways on “self-help mode”, including luxury, foreign investment, joint ventures and its own brand, including car manufacturers, rushed to set his sights on line live on, a lap time of the entire car blew a wave of “live with fancy goods” at the moment.

Overheating, cars live in the meat and potatoes

“After seeing the share of famous research report, I decided to do a live electricity supplier.” Two months ago, released this Overheating a micro-Bo, instantly triggered eat melon masses “intracranial climax.”

China Merchants Securities research report said that in 2006-2018, the electricity supplier market growth from 1440000000000-32500000000000; and electricity supplier market size chain growth remained at 33% in 2011 to 2015 from 2016 to 2018 fell to 13.57 percent.

live online user level, in 2016 this figure was only 310 million, but by 2020, this figure had increased to 524 million jump. In this 524 million persons, 68 percent of people live electricity supplier can be triggered greater desire for consumption.

Luo microblogging is still warming up, Shen Hui, founder Weimaraner forwards on the way. Subsequently, the Weimaraner official micro began to take liberties with the old law, the old law required to accept the offer.

April 1, just hours before the premiere of the old law, Weimaraner chief growth officer Wang Xin circle of friends issued a document called “tease before, talked to, but tonight is not about the first, Btw, Weimaraner the big day is next month. “

in theory, the Weimaraner is” an occasion to marketing “remarkable. At the same time Weimaraner been shut out of the old law, Havel was picked Luo. The evening of April 10, Harvard F7 officially unveiled between Luo live.

in the short span of 28 minutes, “Hafer special”, Luo sold a total of 12 sets of Harvard F7 half-price car, 11,357 car voucher. Similarly, the “rub”, but Harvard posture obviously Bi Weima elegant and more.

Havel paid a high fee pit position, said to be five times the normal cost of the pit-bit, rub money to heat, as it should be.

In the absence of cooperation finalized, Havel did not disclose any information to the outside world, only after the fanfare cooperation finalized, rub the right hot at the right timeDegree, reasonable.

It is said that Harvard was defeated Nissan, after the successful host Xiaopeng, Tesla, “rub” is emboldened.

Although the late propaganda with the “estimated sales of 1.565 billion yuan” and public relations, then surgery, but Harvard indeed harvested 11,357 high-quality sales leads, while “rub” heat, while income clues, happy .

but under the calm of view, in fact, not Harvard piercing “car with a cargo of” meta Wall: Live in Havel directly sold 12 sets of Harvard F7, still rely on a “half-price” weights.

over a period of time to cooperate with the old law, Harvard and Harvard brand heat F7 Baidu search index showed several times higher peaks, but Harvard and the old law of heat in the past, and its return to the previous index .

famous network red rims record

March 21 this year, in order to rally XT4 listed, Cadillac spent 3 million yuan (CNY) reached the high price of live pit position Li Jiaqi, but the face of 14 million viewers watching it live, this is not to “sell cars” as the main purpose of broadcast did not cause much impact.

look at, with a cargo sister Silvia had a record.

in September 2019, Lynx Motors United Silvia had made a special automotive products, the official propaganda caliber sold 19 units Hover H6 and 2 tiggo i7, and This achievement is implemented by up to 20% discount.

this year, April 28, Silvia had to speak in Tesla live in, sold nearly 4000 one yuan “test drive experience voucher”; and in April 30 , Silvia had “sold 1,750 7 seconds Dongfeng Fengshen Yi Hyun GS” also sold coupons worth 99 yuan.

“has become a traditional 4S shop Terminator”, he had preached for years whether it is electric car business, or currently widely popular live electric car business, both as a goal. But buried in the “voucher”, “test drive experience voucher” behind, the actual number of transactions in the end how much? No one can explain.

4S shop how to live by the circle powder?

Chen after the

90 has a lot of titles: used car sales star, 8-year automotive veteran practitioners, automotive anchors …… Chen faced with so many titles, he was most happyHuan “car anchor” is the title. His story might 4S shop selling cars has some significance.

Chen, now employed by a car bomb car new retail platform, but also a year of experience with the car anchor. In the automotive market downturn, Chen choose to join the ranks of the big selling cars live, in order to increase sales in this year’s time, Chen volume from 0 to 13 vehicles now average monthly turnover , Chen Wencheng to a car live the little prince.

Chen is how it turns pink? According to him, he will live until the usual pack of specially about it, and then use the language and customer interaction humorous, relaxed everyone’s mood. In the live broadcast, Chen vain hurry up to sell a car, but really to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle, according to different customer needs, we recommend a different car. Chen used his expertise to help fans buy the most suitable for their own car. From live for so long in Chen also realized that only Care, give my heart, to understand the customer, the same will be true with you.

Do not think it is easy to live car dealers, in fact, live with a cargo, the small product by live big seller abound, but would like to rely on online car serves decent but it is a little probability event. Although terms of economics, the car is not really consumer staples, but for most automobile consumers, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of cars, completely described as a “big-ticket purchases.”

In addition, the domestic consumers choose a car, perhaps for the brand, performance, design, and even have certain feelings and other aspects of emotional impulses, but at the time of the final transaction, in order to meet the family behavior the functional level of the main focus is still an important factor to consider, therefore rational often still able to take the initiative, but the probability of impulse spending will naturally be lower.