Out of the golden age of Japanese sports car was grab the limelight breakdown of the 80’s eight best muscle car

1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota: models appeared in the 1980s muscle Car game ThIs Is not just the last century. 1989 – Dodge and Shelby together to create a high-performance pickup – the famous GMC Cyclone three years before lIsting. With a short wheelbase, Dodge Dakota seems to be the perfect candidate for the famous Car modification of large coffee Carroll Shelby. Standard 3.9-liter V6 engine was replaced by 5.2 l V8 engine, power Is only 175 watts. Before GMC Cyclone and the Ford F-150 Lightning, Dodge Shelby Dakota Is the fastest truck. However, only the production of 1475 – of which 480 white, while the other 995 are red. The truck was dIscontinued in 1990.

1986, paragraph

Pontiac Grand Prix 2 + 2: 1980 Pontiac Grand Prix being in the field of muscle Cars have become less welcome – now in the fourth generation. Obviously, the Pontiac brand as a whole began to lose its way. But in 1986, Pontiac introduced the Grand Prix 2 + 2 to restore the decline. Like its more popular sIster Car, like Monte Carlo SS, Grand Prix2 + 2 sports Car Is more robust standards and more muscular version. It Is equipped with a 5.0-liter four-cylinder V8 engine, a four-speed Automatic transmIssions, limited production time produced only 1,225 units.

1989 Ford Thunderbird SC: You must not think of the 1980s as Thunderbird Is a “muscle Car.” In 1988, its tenth generation, the Thunderbird was severely neglected market. But before 1997, it Will never dIsappear (only revived again only in 2002), Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe want to drive to get interesting. Although the Car’s design Is very plain, but Ford still using the Fox platform for their relative motion. A 3.8-liter supercharged V6 placed under the hood, the output of 210 horsepower. In fact, Super Coupe been veryLove lovers, despite Ford’s executives have denounced such manufacturing engineers have a bad Car, but it Will be named the 1989 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

1982, paragraph

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am: 1982 years, the Firebird and Ke Mailuo get a comprehensive facelift. Although Ke Mailuo into the Revolutionary Road, but Pontiac Is more evolutionary redesign of the Firebird. Like little body and wheelbase, but the overall design Is still impressive in lovers. Under the hood Is an 8-cylinder engine an output of approximately 150 horsepower.

1985, paragraph of snow Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z: Although Pontiac Firebird continues to be active in film and televIsion, but the third generation has enjoyed Ke Mailuo different reputation. Some called it “white trash starter kit”, 1982 Nian snow Chevrolet Camaro not the most popular Car. But there Is a bright spot. In 1985, Chevrolet introduced the IROC-Z lineup. While it Is not the fastest or the best looking product, but IROC-Z with its nimble handling and relatively light body beyond its competitors. In 1987, Chevrolet only Automatic version of the IROC, which denied the manual driving enthusiasts driving pleasure.

1983, paragraph

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS: 1983, after more than 12 years of market competition, re-launched Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. ThIs Is a very great decIsion for the company. By 1984, SS was a big influence in NASCAR competition, as one of the drivers and owners of vehicles of choice. 1984 produced only 24,000. 180-horsepower V8 may be related to its success. Monte Carlo SS lived until 1988, when the Chevrolet Monte Carlo stopped lineup, revived until 1995.

1987 Ford Mustang 5.0: emerging from the widespread dIslike of the Mustang II, Ford hopes to reshape the small mid-range models in 1979Carriage. They re-created. A new style, a new range of engines, as well as new hope for Mustang enthusiasts. In 1987, after several years of reform, “four” front instead of a more modern design; 5.0 liters V8 engine can provide 225 horsepower, and may be within 6.3 seconds from 0-60 miles / hour.

1987 Buick Regal Grand National / GNX: But if you are a die-hard fans, you should know from the outset what kind of muscle Cars Will in the 1980s crowned champion – Buick Regal Grand National and GNX. Launched in 1987, the top Buick Regal GNX using a turbocharged V6, thIs turbo V6 power (at the time) for 276 horsepower. It was the most powerful part of the Car, at a speed of 113.1 miles per hour to complete the quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds. It Is said to be “the Grand National to end all Grand Nationals.”. GNX only 547 produced,