Others opened eight years of car interior also like-new condition? How do it

Aicheyizu heart for the love of the Automobile Is serious, many owners want their Car no matter how many years Is still open Is always as good as new. The owners say that they have opened eight years, Car, Car interior Is like new, how it Is maintained it?

using invIsible sewing

Is generally invIsible garment for protecting paint in fact, it Is also possible for Car interiors play a very good protective effect. For example in the control portion of the protection of the Car, the door, at the tread edges and the like. We all know that door, riding while waiting position Is very easy to dirty, clean when time-consuming, many owners are too lazy to control, so the Car looks not so new. In fact, thIs position can be affixed to an invIsible layer of sewing, so you do not need to rub.

as well as all mahogany trim and paint the Car inside the place, if labeled InvIsibility Cloak, you can also play a very good protection against mahogany trim and paint scratches.

regularly cleaned Car seal

Car seal

can play an effective improve the air tightness of the door, to prevent intrusion of dark clouds effect compartment. Usually vehicle to regularly clean up the seal, and maintenance of the Car with a rubber seal maintenance agent, if not repaired, it Is recommended direct replacement seal, seal better not in the sun exposure.

away from the heat source so that the seat , with an alkaline cleaning agent

Car seat maintenance well, the Car looks update. Remember to let the owners of heat away from the seat, the seat usually clean when I remember to use alkaline cleaning agents, such as if you accidentally drop the juice or coffee colored liquid, it must promptly cleansed. If the owner Is a leather Car seat, as far as possible not to smoke inside the Car, because it Will increase the difficulty of Dali. Leather seats clean up dust when you can wipe with a dry cloth can be.

Is not cleaned Car dashboard

Car dashboard Is very easy to fouling of a location, the owners remember to clean it from time to time. Can be used when cleaning a special instrument panel cleansers, wipe clean after the cleaning. There are Automobile center console Is also very easy to dirty, especially the air conditioning vent section, near the speaker and ashtrays in these places, it can be stained with detergent water Carefully wipe it.

Cleaning elements Car mats

Car mats Is very easy dirty, and out daily , step to step to go. Clean floor mats, when the owner can dampened with water, then pour the detergent on the mat, after washing clean and reuse of water clean, to do so would be relatively easy effort. If the material Is pure wool mat, you must use a special detergent to clean. There Is also very dirty Car roof, it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and then wash with some neutral washing liquid.

These are the new way to keep Car interiors, you can refer to.