Or start with the hatchback Skoda Octavia hatchback 2020 models hatchback spy outflow

Foreign media recently released a driver in the Czech Republic to take the next generation of spy photos of the Skoda Octavia, we have many of the same with the real body color camouflage to hide the final design of the Car. Despite these camouflage, we can still see some of the details, such as one-piece headlights Will replace the controversial split layout of the current model, introduced in the mid-term facelift. At the rear, the tail light remain hidden under some tape, but it Is easy to note that these lamps would extend its slightly curved shape to the tailgate.

The new Octavia Skoda logo Will be removed in the rear to make room for the company’s name, just like all other models, written in capital letters, on the like all other models, except crystal sharp. The fourth generation model Is already one of the largest compact Car models, it can be further developed to provide better rear legroom and Cargo capacity.

Foreign media or to launch hatchback Skoda hatchback, then over a period of time to re-introduce sedan hatchback. Long before the introduction of top models Is a very strange decIsion, but considering the Octavia Combi Is more popular in some European countries than standard models, which may have a point.

Is expected to launch later thIs year, we Will see all of its MQB compact Car: VW Golf, Audi and SEAT Leon A3.