Opened the Porsche Macan, and then drive a BMW X5, owners: equal shares

Hello everyone, thIs article Will share with you “on a Porsche Macan, and then drive a BMW X5, owners: equal shares.”

Car has become an important means of transport, resulting in strong demand in the Automotive market Is very competitive, luxury Cars currently on the market can be described as endless, like the birth of the BMW X5 and Porsche Macan such Car. Mention Porsche Macan and BMW X5, we have to share the feelings of the owner Mr. Wong out, he opened the Porsche Macan, and then drive a BMW X5, owners: equal shares. What Is the difference between the BMW X5 and Porsche Macan compared to what? The following took time to Car owners.

First look Porsche Macan appearance, appearance of red Is to buy sports Car look better than Cayenne SUV. Appearance Is very foreign dIsk, Porsche classic frog face, flat nose, very charming. Awesome led headlights, daytime running lights, lighting, recognizable brand of ultra-high four points. Paint Is thick, slightly scratched place.

look at the BMW X5, the appearance Is quite satIsfactory, better than burning package that’s much X6, in general, more regular, short, very pleasing to the eye. Exterior styling Is not to say that thIs Car Is filled now, I do not do what the judge. Before and after the appearance of the headlights also, interior ambient lighting should add some top again. Also low with the hub Is not too good looking, Who we not buy high with it, no way.

Porsche Macan into the Car, like a Porsche, mostly directed to the interior. The Car has built-in navigation, but the path to avoid the overhead of options not found. All imported, feeling interior work are good. Or reach the standard level, it Is the root of all evil headlights fog and reversing radar retraction, currently there Is no abnormal sound heard. Although the same platform with the Q5 but still smaller than the Q5 space, enough Is enough, little space requirements. Rear did not own a suit or open seating two people. Big enough, grocery shopping, tourIsm, even down to the ground are less than basic, even if the move. Compared compared to Mercedes-Benz GLE, the BMW X5 priced SUV, passenger space and the trunk Is small.

Look BMW X5,Interior barely meet expectations, we can not look, after all, American-made rough. Dashboard dIsplay rich content, each time through the speed limits and accident-prone sections Will remind, especially intimate. After all, with a number of optional parts, you can show a good vIsual effect. The effect of ambient lighting at night was surprIsingly good, with a strong sense of technology. Center console right there Is a little bent out of the co-pilot, co-pilot making space far from satIsfactory. I feel a bit small, front row to adjust their driving position of the city, feeling the back room Is very small, no bigger feeling girlfriend Tiguan space. Vehicle storage space Is very adequate. Huge trunk space, the rear seats recline simply loading capacity of a minivan.

first Porsche Macan, 比雷克萨斯, Mercedes-Benz good opening. Steering gear steering texture Is very pleasing, not light nor heavy steering effort, contribute to a sense quite natural. Under sportplus mode, handling better than expected, I did not feel like suv. Windshield deceleration feeling well, open to one hundred and twenty B-Class Will sense the speed of eighty seven. Personally I think that comfort can give out. Guizhou and Sichuan high-speed run at any time from tiring, a little regret. Air conditioning start out hot and uncomfortable. The seat design Is really user-friendly, and materials are very good, sat feel very soft.

and then drive a BMW X5, BMW’s control do not have to explain the 118X335IX535I. No phantom point precIsion, road feel clear feedback. Suspension older A6 it Is of course hard, but there Is no dIscomfort, but also have a more intense sense of movement. And I have been traveling Highway ran half-speed run half the country, the scenery Is also good fun to drive. Overall more comfortable, a little bit hard feelings. Seat with shock absorbers too hard, feel comfortable sitting there Is no Japanese Cars, BMW may seek control of the main bar, li. Again comes to noIse, moderate performance, the relationship may be anti-puncture, tire noIse Is a little big. No front seat lumbar support, can be quite long dIstances open.

Conclusion: I give Porsche Macan 89 points, the BMW X5 86 points, although I prefer the Porsche Macan, but by peer comparIson, we found Porsche Macan, the BMW X5 Is very good value for money. There Is no perfect Car, who Is not the best answer, fitnessCo-own Is the most important. After driving, I feel you can use six words to describe: it really hard to compete! So, for the Porsche Macan, BMW X5, how we all see it?