One of the pioneers of new energy vehicles FIsker Karma Past and Present

chatted about electric Cars, there must be a lot of people immediately think subconsciously Tesla, Musk and Iron Man boss, but if one of the pioneers of modern attempt to develop new energy vehicles comes, they Will have to mention founded in 2019, FIsk, and it’s downright genius designer boss Henrik FIsker.

pure electric vehicles Is the fried chicken under the wave of thIs wave of energy saving, Tesla Is currently well positioned in the mainstream market, coupled with a lot of tradition Car manufacturers have also invested a lot of resources to attack the pure tram market, the overall trend of new energy vehicles to unprecedented new highs. But in fact there Is a Car called the FIsker Karma, Tesla Model S before lIsting, which has caused a surge topic whirlwind.

FIsker Automotive Is precIsely the BMW Z8, Aston Martin DB9, V8 Vantage and other luxury Cars designer Henrik FIsker in 2007 He founded after leaving the mainstream depot, Henrik FIsker has created a custom body design company, a show Car design long before. However, he Is more optimIstic about the future development of environmental technology in the Car, so resolutely founded FIsker Automotive brand, and the electric Car as the main product.

Karma Is the meaning of “karma”, although sounds strange, but the idea can also use “trendy” in EnglIsh to interpret. FIsk Karma arranged at the front has a 2.0L turbo engine, but only to provide the electric power generation module, not directly drive the vehicle; the vehicle rear to a total of two electric motor output horsepower and 403 synergy 132.6 kgm of torque whopping explosion, although the torque output Bibujiadi Veyron on the books even higher, but limited by the nearly 2.5-ton vehicle weight, 0-100km / h acceleration performance of 6.3 seconds. In particular, the FIsker Karma solar roof Is a single piece of sheet, can provide additional charge, not only looks very sense of technology, but also help enhance the most important electric Car endurance.

However, FIsker Karma because of poor performance and endurance has been criticized, if only with a pure electric mode, the maximum endurance Is only 80 kilometers, even if the petrol engine intervention auxiliary power generation, the highest ideal state endurance to reach about 480 km, and the speed can not break 200km / h. Tesla Model S so as to face strong competitors, Karma strength of the product immediately stretched. The high price has become the last straw overwhelming Karma, even the whole Car inside and outside both trendy and luxurious, but the price of thousands of dollars to break with endurance embarrassing performance and unsatIsfactory, product appeal Is not prominent, and more than burning Car incident has hit FIsk image. Due to operational weakness of appetite, FIsk company filed for bankruptcy in 2013, for a production of only about two thousand Karma.

However, in 2014, part of the technology Karma models bought by the United States Wanxiang Group, and establIshed in California “Karma Automotive “Karma continuous improvement of the original models, continue to produce electric Cars. Interestingly, the original FIsk management team also received new funding in 2016, Henrik FIsker comeback, set up “FIsker, Inc.”, continued investment in the same electric vehicle research and development. The most original FIsk company into two different electric depot, can only say that the wheel of fate Is really wonderful.