One of the most important configuration on the car, did not choose the right prone to kidney!

beginning brick t

article riders to ask you a question: up to the Car in contact with us, what Is the most common configuration Is?

The answer Is the seat! It Is not only our greatest exposure (as long as the Car Will be in contact with), or contact with the maximum area with us. The seat Is directly related to the time we drove comfort and safety, the importance of self-evident.


questions about Car seats really faithful to ask the least, today, t-brick on to talk about, what kind of seat Is the most comfortable and safest.


seat material Will affect our ride feel, common to the seat material can be classified into three types: leather, fabric, Alcantara.

their advantages and dIsadvantages as follows:

① leather seats:

more upscale, easy to clean

hot summer, winter cold, easily damaged, easy to aging, the slip sitting

② fabric seat:

more breathable, sitting stability, low cost, more robust

no grade, difficult to clean up

③ Alcantara:

advanced materials, scratch resIstant, fire-slip


many riders choose the Car in the blind pursuit of cortex seat, brick t think we should recognize their needs, not to face more harm than good, leather Is not necessarily good, fabric Is not necessarily bad.


hard and soft good or bad

filler Is also very important, directly related to the comfort of the seat or not, would be too hard to sit very uncomfortable, long drive easy fatigue; too soft to sit on the center Will not feel, can not provide good stability during intense driving.

the ideal embodiment of the seat should be filled, an intermediate portion in contact with the body of relatively soft, and both sides of the hard portion. ThIs seat not only provides sufficient comfort, but also your body well fixed, intense drive to increasePhysical stability when driving to ensure safety.


Some sit on the seat you Will find very difficult to obtain an ideal posture, how to adjust useless; some seats and steering wheel, unreasonable position between the three pedals, to drive particularly awkward; the seatback some of the fit Is very poor, or insufficient support of the waIst, back or the fit Is not enough. Because these are not ergonomically designed well.

good ergonomic design

a bad seat, unlike the seat filler material and as better judgment, you need to sit closer feel, you can not get a comfortable sitting, the body of the fit Is good and so on.

The side airbag

Usually a Car front side airbags are mounted on the outside of the front seat, to reduce the damage during a side impact Is received, to avoid body direct contact with the door, can effectively improve security. When

Now some models of the low dIstribution models are no side airbags, such as Hideo new low with models, some models of Harvard H6 Is true, faithful Car purchase required attention.

Well, on a seat more crucial points, brick t already finIshed it, as such a function and electrically adjustable seat memory, Is that the more you use convenience, the availability of these features impact in real life Is not great, if you have anything to add riders, you can comment below the article Oh!