One of the most expensive vintage cars across North America, worth $ 25 million Delahaye 135 type looking for new buyers

angle master just beginning to see thIs Car thought it was Horch classic Cars, and later learned that Delahaye Delahaye, about thIs brand, corner master actually check some relevant information. Good reputation in Europe, from France, was born in 1894 in a hand-built Car brand. Delahaye Delahaye Is the founder Emile Delahaye’s surname, and today we are saying thIs Is a 1936 Delahaye 135-type models, it has to find a new owner, and given the current offer Is $ 25 million.

the world 15 remaining 1936 models Delahaye 135 type, the figure Is one of a, currently living in San Diego. The conservation of its original owners in place, fineness beautifully, so worth the money, and now the owners are in for personal reasons intends to find a new buyer for the Car.

Delahaye 135 type Is Delahaye towards the peak of the mountains for its elegant and stylIsh exterior design widely praIsed at the time, now seems quite out of date. Then attracted a lot of big designer coffee Delahaye added to their products to do the design. 135 has a 3.5L inline six-cylinder engine, maximum 120 horsepower (89 kilowatts), matching four-speed manual gearbox, at the time part of the absolute level of sport.

Speaking of which, Delahaye 135 type at that time also participated in numerous competitions, 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Monte Carlo Rally and the 1949 Australian Grand Prix, etc., hehe military exploits in the 30s of last century. Considering the Car’s maintenance hIstory and purity, the price Is certainly not cheap, currently the seller’s offer of $ 25 million, becoming one of the most expensive Car ever in North America, on a sold more than $ 20 million Is a Car Taiwan 1957 Ferrari 335 S sports Car, priced at 2016 to sell nearly $ 35 million.

angle master Comments: overseas have a good Car collection atmosphere, some rare old Car can always be found, and the high pass between Car collectors. With the gradual upgrading of domestic Automobile retro atmosphere, some of the classic Cars are repaired and the same collection of Car people, but compared with overseas models in the year there are still some gaps. If you really like thIs nearly century-old classic Cars, may wIsh to use their own resources to do it. Capital strength, courage and patience to be both Yo ……