One million luxury car interiors simple off grade, no wonder sales do not increase, the price Is not necessarily someone who has bought

With the increase in US consumer spending, the US luxury Car market demand for increasingly strong, coupled with the needs of the increasing number of the second Car, the future of the luxury Car market with a bright future. Similarly, the market competition has become increasingly fierce. ThIs Is from last year’s sales of luxury Cars in the championship battle also reflects. One million luxury Car interiors simple off grade, no wonder sales do not increase, the price may not be someone to buy.

The new interior design Is too simple, color to dark gray color, very depressed, with young consumers lively fashion advocated by consumer advocates can not match. Many people think that the old Audi A8’s interior design, luxury and technology truly a communion, though not as luxurious Mercedes S, the BMW 7 Series wins at least a body position! But the interior design of the new A8L dIsappointing, especially the air conditioning vent, etc., simply cut corners, and its one million luxury Car positioning can not fit!

classic Audi Cars in front of the face, very atmospheric, low-key yet stylIsh, streamlined body, the fullness of the rear, the vehicle model by designer after the good intentions of design, has a very lively and full of personality appearance, upper and lower grille organically integrated, the front face of the Audi A8L looks more atmospheric, full and smooth curves of the roof Is very easy to make think of the coupe style but also very natural to gaze toward the rear.

Early A8L serving whole new generation of models only a power 3.0T, specific values, 3.0TFSI V6, a maximum power of 340 horsepower peak torque of 500 Nm, with 48V micro-mixing system, its matching speed Tiptronic gearbox 8. These are just normal operation, really attracted me there are two configurations. Matrix headlight technology has been around for many years in the Car, but thIs time the Audi Matrix technology into the Car, adding a matrix of LED technology in the rear reading lights. Each of the LED Is about seven, except adjustable brightness, the irradiation angle can be adjusted by the designer’s words, so that the body to meet the needs of different passengers.