Once again feel the Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 hardcore SUV powerful diesel engine power of classic old car

It Is undeniable, Korean Cars in the past gives the mostly negative impression, even if the purchase price Is cheap, most Cars are still popular. However, South Korea made rapid progress in Automotive technology, have to admit that they have strength among the forest of the world-renowned depot. The test drive Ssangyong Rex 2.7 liters diesel engine SUV, let us really left a very deep impression, past Korean Cars equal to the stereotype of inferior grade, Is absolutely necessary to re-review. Ssangyong lIsted at the end of 2001, Ssangyong Daewoo from the depot after depot independently developed the first model Mercedes-Benz shares due after 1992, the production of Cars are using the plant technology, before the new Car factory Mercedes-Benz also need a certified licensed depot , quality of important components Is very reliable.

Atmospheric generous design

Ssangyong in design, has gradually to grasp the essence of beauty, although some small place still can not help but imitate the taste, but the overall vIsual texture Is already excellent. The quality of Korean Cars has increased dramatically in recent years, but for aesthetic design of the vehicle, or take a long time to accumulate. European Cars the most talked about classic look, simple but engaging, we want to reach thIs realm, yet efforts. Commercial vehicle other than the Department of Korean descent up, Ssangyong thick body lines very calm, although there are not many angular muscles, but still giving a powerful InvIsible Target. ThIs simple uncomplicated designs, although they can not grandstanding, but by the most since the test of time.

three headlights group has a strong taste of Technology, Mercedes class chrome grille grille, although not help but Mercedes Ssangyong Will do directly connected to two brands. Undeniably, thIs approach does create a high quality appearance of the vehicle. Body size LWH each 4785 km, 1,870 km, 1,830 mm, and the BMW X5 3.0 liter version 4,667 km, 1,872 km, 1,715 km compared to the size, in the vehicle length and vehicle height are a large number of half. Coupled with the expansion of the outer body of the wheel arches, overbearing!

beauty Is not one or two days can crash, the Korean Car Is still some way to go.

Original Tire Size 255 / 65R16, the size Is not small body size withJust right, but also declared the Ssangyong skill for off-road area. In addition, the roof rack and front bumper metal bull bars, not only has practical value for the modified plain appearance of the body, add dash of cross-country atmosphere Is also helpful.

the general direction caught, forget the small details

2820 km long wheelbase, so seven-seater set Ssangyong still retains excellent rear-seat performance space . 175 cm male, for example, although the rear seat can not be adjusted before and after, but sitting in the second row from the front seat back knee Is still 5 to 7 centimeters of space. The third row of seats Is limited trucks, significantly reduced foot space, feels like sitting on a ground close to the sofa. Fortunately, the front and rear seat space Is fairly abundant, head from the roof there are still some dIstance, but Will not feel oppressed. Practical degree

In fact, the third row of seats Is limited, in addition to space Is far from satIsfactory, Is not suitable for sedentary outside, Is not very easy in and out. After the second row seatback must fall before, folding the seat forward, two steps are generally not as quick release lever coupe to convenience. In addition, due to the third-row seats, so the boot compartment space Is relatively narrow, although under a waterproof storage compartment make up for deficiencies, but often there Is a need to place a large item, it Is bound to sacrifice the use of a third-row seat.

Spatial performance Is not bad, but the third row seat feels somewhat cumbersome.

quieter than silent air-conditioning

vehicle interior noIse Is undoubtedly the Car most admirable advantage, though standing outside the Car, diesel engines the sound Is still a bit noIsy. However, when entering inside the Car, almost soundless noIse, it Is forced to admire Ssangyong efforts in thIs regard. Idling and 60 kilometers per hour or less Quietness very good, even in the case of many vehicles, almost hear the sound outside the Car engine or other vehicle tire rolling noIse. Even the bus skip from the side of the Car, you can only hear a slight sound of the engine.

If you do not open sound, cruIsing at a steady rate in the urban areas, like watching a silent movie of Pachao people, which Is not open The Car Is a wonderful experience. The only drawback Is that, due less to hear the sound outside the Car, so be extra Careful when driving, it Is easy to overlook the circumstances surrounding the change. After more than 80 kilometers per hour, becauseLarge body size Is limited, and nearly two tons of vehicle weight, so the wind noIse and tire rolling noIse are naturally more obvious, but compared with the general market luxury Cars, Quietness still works.

diesel engine low-speed and powerful, cross-country favorable

off-road capability Ssangyong emphasized, if not try to take advantage of the opportunity, it Is a pity. Came to a steep, loose rock and slippery roads, vehicles generally want to go up Is almost impossible. For Ssangyong, however, it Is only a small chopper pilot. Ssangyong four-wheel drive mode has two modes 4H and 4L, 70 kilometers per hour in the following, simply click 4WD High key on the console, about 3 to about 5 seconds can switch to four-wheel drive mode. 4H in use, unable to cope with bad road conditions very harsh, but after the rain, a small amount of sand and other relatively easy to slip out of control situation, switch to 4H mode for vehicle dynamic stability of great help on the road. Ssangyong Is especially common rear-wheel drive, turn the throttle when the rain increased significantly, it Is easy to slip rear drift, thIs time to cut 4H mode can effectively reduce a similar situation. 4WD Low except four-wheel drive, but also through a change gear ratio urging tank, the amplified torque of the vehicle, although it Will reduce the speed, but it helps to overcome rugged conditions. For example in the aforementioned road, slippery road, there are loose earth and rock, plus more than 30 degrees steep. Under such circumstances, it Is necessary that the vehicle can be powerful torque up the hill, reduce speed focus Is not taken into account. After the brakes good step, after the shift into the N range, then the 4WD Low press button, and then hear engaged into the D range mode can use 4L. Under the 4L mode, to overcome thIs steep slope Is very easy to master route, slowly throttle control not to let the wheel spin, Will be able to go smoothly.

overcome rough terrain, easy!

Mercedes , powered by the gearbox

ThIs has the five-speed Automatic gearbox and engines, Mercedes-Benz also uses the technology, performance of the people appreciated. In selfWhen the row mode, regardless of the upshift downshift very slight setback, ride comfort Is good. Ssangyong demands for high texture, does have the effect of extra points. Although the timing on the intake reverse gear, Is not so keen, but after all thIs with the main demands of the transmIssion performance Is not blood, driving and riding comfort Is the key. Because of thIs, even at full throttle want to try to Mercedes-Benz, which has a mild shift gearbox, it Is difficult to have any exciting driving pleasure.


Is switched to the manual transmIssion mode, although the reaction rate Is not increased, but the gear can be freely controlled, not mandatory plus L protective gear, compared to the more arbitrary. However we mentioned earlier, since it Is characterIstic of the diesel engine, once the speed over 2500 rpm, the engine sound becomes evident. Trade-off between performance and quiet, depending on user decIsion. After the combined drive design powerful torque output, even close to 2 tonnes Ssangyong Is a vehicle; Ssangyong Is an even higher RV body, using a chiral stationary dIscharge mode gear, still allow rear wheel spin, flick easily make the action! Is thIs not fun to drive? ThIs Is a matter of opinion, it Is not easy to drive in general, when you want to flick, but still have to remember that thIs Is an SUV, not a sports Car. While it Is easy to drift, but the high center of gravity, soft suspension and vehicle weight caused by inertia, feeling it Is to be successfully control the flick Is not simple.

lack of grip in the road, hit the low-end throttle severely stepped down to the Car strong torque, the rear wheels can easily idle flick.

soft tone setting, extremely comfortable

The Car suspension design Is very soft tone, though still retains a certain sense of Q, but due to the high center of gravity, the Car heavy, uneven pavement or the feeling shaky. Putting aside the manipulation, thIs set Is doing it very comfortable. Soft but not so much shaking with quiet vehicle interior, people have realized that the sophIsticated technology of Korea now repairer. Whether it Is too small potholes, beating the road or bridge expansion joints, vibration are handled very well, the Car’s driver or passengers Will not be not be beat.

sent that little

For the impression of Korean Cars has been gradually transformed. ThIs000 diesel version of SsangYong’s doing well, the place has great strength and well-known European and American Automakers under a high. Whether chassIs, suspension settings, dynamic performance, quiet, comfort, etc., they have a surprIsing level. The only pity Is that some small places need more emphasIs, especially in small parts assembly and texture aspects of the overall design. These still takes time to accumulate experience, I believe that in time, the competitiveness of Korean Cars Will become increasingly strong, the nature of the vehicle has done a good job, if capable of working on the added value of the brand as well as the vehicle itself, Will be more attractive.