Old driver of advice: the best car the six items to throw away, a hundred harm than good, many people Will have!

With the advent of the Automobile age, our Car has not just an ordinary travel tools, more people are going to the Car or the house as a family member to Care in general, so it Will not help in the Car Dodo small mind, dress up, or purchase a small thing, but older drivers advice: Car the six best items to throw away, a hundred harm than good, many people Will have! The first one: the roof decorative objects, thIs Is now very popular, casual look can be found on the Internet a lot, what with the money, what personality style cute style, the pursuit of unconventional indeed in thIs era we all like a little unique style, but after thIs decorative objects Will be traffic police fined sorghum.

The second: Activity of Car mats, 4S shop to buy a Car like send Ottomans, a seemingly insignificant thing, in fact, driving plays a role in relation to life, Car mats Is the closest throttle, brake, clutch position, if it Is active Car mats, can get stuck to the foot brake, can lead to accidents. Third: the seat belt buckle, Car safety first, safety Is the biggest blessing. Do not spend money to buy a few small things to your life, not lucky enough to think the city opened slowly opened less without a seatbelt, as long as the Car must wear seat belts (not only to their own system, but also supervIse other crew Department

fourth: many owners prefer to place all kinds of puppets in the Car, make the Car look very beautiful, but if the Muppets on the windshield, it Will be fine oh, because, according to relevant laws and regulations, if they are kept in the Car obstruct the driver’s line of sight items, Will be fined $ 50, was arrested once 50. fifth: electronic dog, some people think that the use of electronic dog can help reduce illegal, and Will not cause any problems on the transportation system, should be able to use, but some places Will be included in the ban on the use of electronic dog category, traffic police found the fine Will be confIscated , it Is best not to use

sixth: Car seat, for leather seats, the Car seat can play a role in protection against stains and a sharp knife injury to the dermIs, but many large coffee refers to the female driver Like plush velvet Car seat, thIs plush cushion because the surface Is too soft Will make the passengers sat on slippery, Will affect drivingDriving member driving operation, so fluffy Car seat Is not recommended. More than six kinds of goods we must not have, points penalty Is small, life safety Is a major event, we feel it?