Now Why not add water to cool cars?

In fact, the Car Is now also add “water.” Except that special “water”, called the cooling fluid, also known as antifreeze, antifreeze liquid rust, antifreeze liquid, like water tanks Po. The main function Is to protect the engine running at normal temperature, and circulated in the tank of the engine, play antifreeze, anti-boil, rust, corrosion and other effects, most antifreeze color Is red or green, to facilitate the observation of leaks or dIstinguIshed from other engine fluid, to avoid confusion.

Also now the cooling system in order to improve the Car and to reduce the heat dIssipation effect, “boil”, the normal operation of the system after a certain pressure Is generally water tank the cover relief pressure Is approximately 0.9bar, so antifreeze consumption Is very slow, typically summer temperatures another job number relatively easily evaporated. If an ordinary water, then boil to 100 degrees Celsius, while the pure antifreeze Is no. Because 0 degrees Celsius and ordinary water Will freeze and damage the engine because of thermal expansion and contraction cylinder head and the tank, and good antifreeze can guarantee minus 30 degrees Celsius does not freeze.

volatile antifreeze normal year a few hundred ml Is normal, 0521-2010 “The NEA glycol Issued NB / SH / T type and propylene glycol based engine coolant “technical requirements, antifreeze 50% by volume fraction boiling above 100 deg.] C are, primarily natural evaporation loss. Without replacement, a loss of between 10% -36%. If every month plus a liter, that there may be a red cylinder head gasket leaks or boil water, thIs situation need to go back inside the shop to check.

Accordingly, for the above reasons, the water Is not replaced antifreeze, antifreeze to avoid as far as possible with a dedicated tank or engine damage.