Now slowly dIsappear a few car configurations, see if you are familiar with!

Car market continues to progress, Automotive technology Is constantly updated. Many features and configuration in the past we used to use and now have been slowly dIsappearing, replaced by something more also more sophIsticated configurations. Below these vehicles are now classic configuration has slowly dIsappeared, and see if you are familiar with these?

1: a large dIsplacement engine

First, the first to say Is in fact now gradually began dIsappeared configuration, and Is entirely because of the times to exit the Automotive market. Environment has become increasingly harsh, resulting in big Cars has been limited, more and more small Cars, trams and even more and more pure in the near future, large dIsplacement engine Is bound to dIsappear.

2: mechanical handbrake

The second machine Is arranged to say handbrake Automobiles, electronic handbrake the future Is bound to be popular, thIs Is a trend. But mechanical handbrake Is not necessarily bound to dIsappear in our world, but can only appear in certain models. With a growing sense of technology, the basic Car of the future Is full of technology operations.

3: halogen headlights

A third said that we need to give the Car Will slowly dIsappear Configuration It Is halogen headlamps, and the moment basically see the street models have been very few halogen headlights figure, only some very low-end models still use thIs headlight, because of its cheap enough. Most of today’s vehicles have selected Is an LED or a hernia headlights. Even now, many high-end Cars are beginning to use laser headlights, and constantly updated technology, a lot of configuration Will be eliminated.

4: Car antennas

and I believe that thIs configuration a lot of people have not seen how, in the early years when the Car with the antenna Is normal thing. But now virtually no Cars on top of thIs configuration, because most of them already hidden, so thIs configuration Is now largely considered a consumerHe lost.

5: physical buttons

Although most of today’s top Car still has physical buttons, but in the future, thIs configuration Is inevitable Will slowly dIsappear, because most of today’s Cars Will be equipped in the control of the LCD screen, you can say any of the functions of the Car above the control switch can be operated from the LCD screen above.

6: Car keys

Last but not least the future Will slowly dIsappear configuration Is the Car keys , yes, you read right. Although Car keys now we still are in use, but keyless start has also been achieved in a lot of Cars above, and to the future, biometrics Will become very popular, driving without a key Is a normal thing.

The above configuration of these vehicles and some have been slowly dIsappearing, and some are still in use, but in the future they Will necessarily dIsappear over the Car.