Now a lot of twin-engine cars, but thIs car Is really good to drive? Take a look at the owners say

However, the battery pack Is not too small, the biggest problem in how to drive the motor, but the kinetic energy recovery section. These are on the way of driving the vehicle starts to slow down or stop in time, some of the extra kinetic energy, the Car Will be its own system recovery Will continue into some of these kinetic energy stored up, these functions still very good , that Is these systems, and you Will exceed the value of the battery capacity itself, such 50KM / H decelerated according to

about 0.4 deceleration, weight about 1.4T Car, recovered power can reach 20KW or more. ThIs time the question Is, charging power of 30KW, on the BYD Qin, only slightly higher than 1C charge rate, easy to eat, all the energy Is stored as electrical energy. The same charging power 20kw, in the dual-engine Toyota 2.0KWH small battery, the charging rate up to 15C! ! ! All eating are not the problem, it Is also a kinetic energy recovery, or to consider motor power, the battery capacity Is calculated. Not all of the braking energy Is recycled, but depending on your hardware and software kinetic energy recovery mechanIsm can eat much. Toyota double the kinetic energy recovery engine, the maximum power can not recover more than 3KW, other energy, brake pads are worn away.

In fact, Toyota also wants bigger battery, but the dual-engine technology research and development time, supporting manufacturers do not provide sufficient low-cost, high-quality batteries, only They can be forced to make a fuss on the transmIssion structure, engine efficiency. And mobile phones for the same reason, even the best processor, no matter how good the OS, low memory capacity Is absolutely flawed. Fortunately, with the advent of electric Cars, and the timely application, making some of the Car’s battery Is very cheap, and sales prices have fallen to be

to bear, Toyota and other system vendors have begun to embark on some mix of machines, after all, no matter what the sales are based on the age of a plant walk, follow the times, it would allow sales of motor vehicles have some protection. In fact, not saying Toyota did not own a hybrid, but said they feel these sales may not be very good in the United States, accounting for less than the market, then design your own stuff Is wasted, the economy Will certainly cause problems not being paid, So they would not come up with these technologies, to the current era of pop, but also come up with their own ability, and also took out all at once, that Is, in 16 years, basically out. Coming out of the dual-engine technology, in the United States, the world’s largest Auto market, to achieve its final value.

Some netizens said that he just went to 4s shop test drive thIs Car the Corolla, gasoline-electric hybrid advantage Is still quite obvious, rapid acceleration, fast throttle response, overtaking Cars and meat than the turbo lag models have to be a lot easier than thIs tenth generation Civic should be stronger. Engine noIse, driving more quiet, air-conditioned motor Is driven, temperature effect should be better than the ordinary Car air conditioning. And Carola back room doing a good job, I feel better than a lot of b-class Cars.

But if to say, thIs price Is not low ah, I chose a configuration of lower sales let me count, handbrake cloth seats, no reversing radar reversing video, actually doing to 150,000, which Is enough to win a version of the Civic 1.5t increase. Dual engine Corolla’s interior Is also heartbreaking, the control panel Is seven or eight years ago that mobile phone use gray screen, particularly noticeable old, what plastic everywhere, because the morning also went and tried RONNIE Mai Rui Bao xl, a moment got dual engine Carola really like traveling back in the last century. But next to 1.2t Corolla’s interior seems to have done pretty good. I look at sales open to the Civic, Corolla told me that dual engine retention rates are not worse than the Civic. It seems you do not know how to Carola’s appearance, anyway, I do not come to appreciate.

also friends said, and he started a new Car monarch, although thIs Car Is not a hybrid Car, but the Car’s performance Is not bad, it Is also opened Some hybrid models, such as Toyota and Buick, which drove up, it Is clear that the cup Is fuel-efficient, less fuel than other Cars, and thIs fuel-efficient, fuel-efficient does not mean that you are at high speed conditions, but that these oil Is how you could do it on other road conditions, such as urban road or mountain road, even if there Is congestion on the road or in poor road conditions when driving even if intense, there Is no problem, Will give you fuel-efficient thIs Is the feature of thIs Car. Say they are not fuel-efficientOpen off! Black spray does not has nothing to do with love! Just save their hard-earned money! Do not always say thirty thousand more expensive than gasoline dual-engine version! Look at the configuration enough, quiet acceleration did not have to say, no matter what kind of oil Will not let you have too much fuel consumption. All normal driving, including violence overtaking, combined fuel consumption after refueling, almost after reset! Leilingkala Is a platform technology lacks much difference! I like the way Carla nothing!