Not terrible car engine white smoke, black smoke if it Is in danger, you Will understand after reading

There are two engine hood smoke, black smoke one Is a white smoke. The engine hood appears white smoke might be coolant leakage occurs, Is formed at a high temperature water vapor evaporated from the engine under the hood to the atmosphere. The second may be the fuel injection nozzle failure resulting in the formation of a large amount of white smoke into the exhaust manifold, they had just encountered such a situation. A third high-temperature water vapor may be formed after the brake dIsc rainwater volatiles from the hood to the atmosphere. Car hood white smoke at the general problem, the rIsk Is relatively smaller, under the hood to determine the occurrence of white smoke Is the case, we can observe the engine temperature to see if the temperature Is too high and boil the situation If white smoke Is caused by coolant leak or boil, it Is necessary to park vehicles other side of the road and then processed in the engine to cool naturally.

If white smoke caused by the malfunction of fuel injectors, would not have to start the vehicle, seize the time to contact your service over the process. If the white smoke caused by the brake system, it may not necessarily process. In the second case the engine hood smoke Is smoke, Is generally accompanied by pungent odor, which Is mostly leaks from the exhaust system, the oil leak, drip caused by a foreign fluid. For example, an exhaust pipe interface pad leakage, the exhaust Will be dIscharged from engine emIssions to the air interface in the case of black smoke and engine noIse increases occurs. For smoke due to a leak caused by the exhaust system, it may be to replace the faulty parts of the gasket and secured to the engine cooling.

If it Is because the black smoke, corresponding processing Will be Carried out depending on the circumstances caused by leakage of fluid, such as power steering oil leak, it to check the position of the booster oiler, tubing, tubing joints, and determining the source of the oil replacement and fastening. In general, since the engine cylinder pad black smoke are damaged, resulting in a large amount of oil appears on the engine head, the generation of black smoke and a pungent oil odor under high temperature engine. Black smoke hood may also be added in the process oil, the oil dropped on an exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe, smoke occurs at high temperature.

ThIs case may be cleaned of oil on the exhaust system of the engine after cooling. To clean up after normal use. The engine hood there Is smoke in the need to attract our attention, because it often leads to spontaneous combustion vehicle. If the vehicle spontaneous combustion, avoid direct open the hood, which can lead to a lot of oxygen to enter and expand the fire. The correct approach Is to use a fire extinguIsher from the grille of the engine and other parts of the jet inwardly, after opening the hood to continue to control the fire, fire and contact support in small portions.