Not decide to buy a car? 10 models to see which car interiors like most Americans, it Is also useful

for the people concerned, seems to be talking about the interior, the first time the public Will think of the interior, which Is in the hearts of a generation of people has become a classic, so now between many domestic models Will inadvertently Volkswagen interiors pay tribute.

However, in the eyes of Americans, the public’s interior does not seem worth mentioning. Because Car companies in recent Ward (Ward’s Auto) selected out of the “Top Ten 2019 Car interiors”, only a Volkswagen and Porsche brand or its subsidiary, which, I believe many partners Is very small curious. Next, let’s take a look at what Cars are enrolled?

NO.1 Chevrolet exploration industry who

American favorites, nature Is inseparable from the US Department of Car, thIs Is the best exploration industry’s case, although the Car Is not very good reputation in the country, and Chevrolet and Buick brand in the country Is far worse, but thIs Is an American style Americans like of.

NO.2 Dodge Ram 1500

ThIs Car Is the real American hegemony either seat, buttons, layout or vehicle workmanship, reflects the rugged, generous style, must have been to know that America’s junior partner, a high rate of appearance of thIs pickup truck in the US domestic market, basically How far did you can see a few NTU pickup, which Is the people’s Car culture.

NO.3 Lincoln Navigator

American country Libin Cars and trucks, like the red flag in our Like the country. Of course, thIs trim figure still looks great feeling, the kind of elite style, briefly speaking, Is holding spending basically can feel luxurious. At the same time, also has a lot of comfort and practical features.

NO.4 Infiniti QX50

Japanese Cars in the US market Is still very popular, for example, thIs special for the North American market and the birth of JapaneseLuxury brand, Infiniti, looks interiors, the overall design style Is still very feeling of luxury Cars, especially in the processing of high quality material, the details of every minute dIscerning Americans Will pay.

NO.5 Toyota eighth-generation Camry

eight-generation Camry Is selected, there Is little accident, interior very innovative, and very sense of technology, especially the irregular design of the center console, Is simply a favorite of young people, very technological sense, coupled with the red and black color design, really very movement.

NO.6 Lexus LS500

If there are Japanese Cars selected, then how can less got the Lexus, the order It Is known for fine quality Japanese luxury brand, at the grinding details of people applaud. For example, thIs LS500, design and luxury in extent, top materials are used in the PK Ashkenazi tradition despots do not fall under the wind,

NO.7 Kia Stinger (Stringer)

the KONA can be selected, somewhat unexpected, because it seems it Is the overall style and interior BBA’s too much like, for example, He said floating big screen, like Mercedes-Benz’s air conditioning vent, are more or less able to see a little BBA luxury Cars on the scene. However, perhaps the texture Is doing well, Americans Willing to pay.

NO.8 modern KONA (domestic new lIstings ENCINO)

The Car must be very familiar people , and just in the domestic market did not take long, called ENCINO, in a foreign country called the KONA, taking the whole style of young, mainly black interior, be orange trim, suspension multimedia screen, flat three multi function steering wheel, sporty full.

NO.9 Land Rover Range Rover star vein

Star veins can be selected, it should be no surprIse, after all theTwo large screen console area, it looks quite scientific and technological sense. Coupled mighty grille, headlights and slender dynamic air guide grooves, very sharp domineering.

NO.10 Porsche Panamera

ThIs Is the only elected German Cars, and be to restore Finally face the German Cars. Overall, Panamera whether it Is working with the material, or the configuration, almost covering advanced materials, and very strict on the details of the deal, let the interior looks like a kind of delicate feeling.

[Conclusion] Most of the American people like the TOP10 Car interiors here, thIs, What do you think? We welcome comments and reviews.